Introduction to CAD : Learn Fusion 360 in 90 minutes // DT

Lesson 1 Getting Started

The first lesson was mostly just about the differences in the User Interface (UI) of the previous versions on Fusion 360 compared to the recent ones. It is interesting to see the thinking behind the changes of the interfaces between the Legacy Interface and the Current Interface.

Lesson 2 Starter Activity

In this lesson, I learned how to use import a file, use extrude, save a file, use circular patterns, navigate the render workspace, set up a scene, create a rendering, and more.

Lesson 3 Fusion 360 UI Walkthrough Lesson

In this lesson, I learned how to start a sketch, navigate workspaces, access the marking menu, and learn more about preview technology. This lesson was a little unnecessary as I have a decent amount of experience using Fusion 360 already.

Lesson 4 Sketch the Lamp Base

At the start of this lesson, I work on creating a sketch and adding dimensions and constraints. After that, I learned how to use revolve, add a fillet, use shell, and create/extrude cut.

Lesson 5 Model the Lamp Arm

In this lesson, I messed up a little bit. However, I do believe that it is because of the fact that the interface is different now and the steps are not the same. I learned how to sketch a spline, sketch an intersection, and add a coincidence constrain. When I was unable to complete it the first few times, I tried again the next day and I did it successfully.

In the second part of this lesson, I learned how to use sweep.

Lesson 6 Model the Lamp Shade Fittings

Developed the use of sketching with multiple profiles, using sketch slice and applying colinear and other constraints.

Lesson 7 Sculpt the Lamp Shade

Here I used canvas, created a sketch spline, and viewed curvature.

Then I learned how to create a subdivided revolve, and convert it into a surface. I then learned how to manipulate a subdivided model, using edit form, changing the form display, and thickening a sunken surface.

Lesson 8 Assemble Lamp Components

In the first part, I applied and created a rigid joint/group. Then, I learned how to replicate fiscal motion by adding an as-built joint.

Lesson 9 Document the Lamp Design

In this lesson, I covered how to create a detailed drawing, base view, projected view, add dimensions, and edit a title block.

Then the videos explained how to create a PDF of my detailed drawing, and create a share link.

Lesson 10 Create a Photo Real Render

Here I practiced how to apply an appearance and edit an appearance.

Then I changed the setup, with an environment as the background.

After that, I produced a cloud render, and a turntable render.

Lesson 11 Export for 3D Printing

This lesson was fairly simple, only saving the design as an STL file so it can be used in a 3D printer

Lesson 12 Design Review and Collaboration

This is the lesson where I learned how to create a sharable link to the design. Then I also learned how to collaborate with other users.

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