7 Knowledge Questions

A System uses Energy to Work

“Imbalance leads to change, and change leads to form,that leads to imbalance.This is the essence of Nature’s imperfect  cycle of creation” (Marcelo Gleiser)


  • What is Energy & How does it manifest? 20% 20%
  • What moves & what pushes the flow of energy? 40% 40%

Imbalance & Variables


After  meditating discuss in your own groups what words to put inside each box in the 1st & 2nd column of the matrix 

  • What are the LAWS for Energy? 60% 60%

What is a Law? A Theory? A Principle?

Meditation : Laws for Energy


After meditating discuss in your own groups what Equations to put inside each box in the 3rd column of the matrix

  • What is matter? 70% 70%

4 forces + 12 particle = UNIVERSE

Atoms & molecules Meditation

  • What makes molecules move? 80% 80%

video of Photosynthesis

Difussion Meditation

  • What is life? 100% 100%

Why is our Universe fine tuned for life? (B. Greene)

LIFE Meditation

“Upon the end of the year I received my final grades for 11th grade, and I think you would be Glad hear that I scored a 97% average in my classes, and a 96% in honors Physics (highest in the grade). This year I have learnt a lot of new concepts, mostly deepening my fundamentals of Physics, and I was able to perform at such a high level due to the solid foundation that was created during 9th and 10th grade due to the matrix we learnt about. I felt like I did not memorise much and was just able to connect ideas and concepts using the matrix and my foundation that you helped foster over the last two years. I would like to give you a massive thanks for that. In addition to my academics, I have been very involved in running and practicing mindfulness. Moving so far away showed me the importance of meditation and is something I have implemented in my life, a practice that was encouraged by you. The meditation has really helped me develop as a human, so I want to give another thanks for that too”

V. (UWCSEA 2019)

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