Gpers reflection

For me, there was no specific part I had an affinity to during this first unit of gpers. I thoroughly enjoyed theĀ unit on a holistic level, as a lot of it related to psychology in a way, and I love understanding more about the functioning of the human brain. If I had to pinpoint the one topic that interested me the most, I would have to say the Johari window task was my favourite. It really created a new image of who I am to me, and all the different variables that influence my actions had started to become clear. For example, I could see a clear divide between what people thought of me when I was residing in India, and what the people in Singapore thought of me. While almost all of my friends from India thought I was more of a selective extrovert, my friends in Singapore tended to feel I was more blatantly friendly. I derived from this that I’m only extroverted and spontaneous when I am around people I’m comfortable with. In Gurgaon ( my previous home ), I was only ever comfortable around people like me, therefore the selective extroversion. This changed when I shifted to Singapore. While it took me time to adapt and be comfortable in the environment as a whole, I gradually began to find myself being comfortable in my surroundings more often than not. Another pattern that manifested itself was that most people in Singapore thought I was adaptable, while the word was neglected by the people from Gurgaon. Lastly, I could see that most of my friends from Gurgaon knew me as a complex more serious person, while my friends in Singapore see me as a laidback more relaxed type. All of these patterns and differences allowed me to understand the impact of my surrounding and the environment I am in on my personality. It also led me to think about the various other factors the environment I am in influences, like my academics and my hobbies, and that is why it was my favourite part of the unit.

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