Shaker heights: Is racial bias still influencing the education system of one of America’s progressive havens?

What are your thoughts on some of the issues raised in the article and in the video? Are there any clear solutions? Where does responsibility lie? 


Firstly, I find it surprising that in a community that is so focused on promoting racial integration and inclusion, there is such a wide gap between African-American and white students in the schooling system. I feel like while there are no clear solutions, there should be measures put in place to educate the staff, community and students about issues considering potential targetting, and there needs to be growing community effort to help balance the numbers. To me, as mentioned in the video, the responsibility lies with the parents, as if the parents bring people of culture into their home, less of this segregation will take place as their children will understand the need for equity. The responsibility also lies with community leaders, as they should be making events and tertiary support inclusive too. Most importantly, the responsibility lies with the education board, to be making sure all students are treated the same and given the same amount of opportunity and respect.

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