Who should be Mirabelle’s Mother

Celest Ng poses that it all comes down to what makes someone a mother: biology alone or love? What do you think?


The definition of a mother is a woman in relation to her child or children. While this presents the idea that a mother is someone biologically associated with a child, society has grown in a way where there are certain standards a person has to meet to qualify as the ‘mother’ of a child, which include creating a safe environment, making sure the child’s nutritional needs are met, giving the child education and loving/caring for the child. This is what creates conflict in this particular scenario, as Bebe is her biological mother but the Mcculloughs have been able to provide and take care of her, and both parties love her deeply. While we can sympathise with Bebe as she truly had no other option but to abandon the baby, I would say it’s unfair to take the baby away from the McCulloughs, as they’ve had a tumultuous history with trying to have their own children, and Mirabelle was their final hope. In my opinion, love is what truly makes someone a mother, because a mothers love is incomparable to anything else and someone, and while someone could be biological related to the challenge

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