[1] My learnings from the course ‘Communication Strategies for a Virtual Age (University of Toronto)’



Learnings from Module 1


3 traps of inefficient communication- 


Using formal language unnecessarily 

Convey idea in simpler terms to be more effective, do not use unnecessary flowery words. *Businessese – A term used for formal language


Speaking generally in third person

Not referencing to personal experience and relating the conversation between the parties present


Using too many details 

Have one vivid detail paired with the idea instead of many details


What is the strategy if you don’t think you can speak informally or can avoid the formality trap? 

Start formally end casually


What are the two things a listener wants from communication?

Curiosity and a picture they can imagine




Learnings from 28th July 2020


 Social (Virtual) Dynamics. 


When dealing with a difficult colleague or client, I need to follow the 4 a’s

Address, admit, assess and act



Speak as a spectator. for example, “I notice you have exhibited a pattern of lateness recently” instead of “why are you always late”



Admit to a situation where you have been guilty of the. same thing, allowing you to tackle the problem with them instead of attacking them



We get their perspective on why this pattern is occurring. Let them talk as much as they want. Get their ideas, their reasoning and the last step is, you ask.



 get their ideas on how to tackle it, HAS TO HAVE AN ENDING. TIME CONSTRAINTS MAKE IT EASIER TO SAY YES, for example, “let us try this for a week and see how it goes”


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