AMK MINDS 1st Impressions

Learning Outcome 1 – Awareness

This week was the first time we actually worked with our clients at AMK MINDS. It was a very different experience to anything I’ve tried before, I’ve never really worked with people with this kind of disability. I know people that have down syndrome, but I’ve never tried to teach them anything. I feel comfortable with my ability to play the drums since I’ve been studying music for quite some time now.

I know that teaching them drums will be hard, specially since it’s a such broad and subjective topic. We have to have realistic expectations for our clients, I don’t expect them to be able to play complicated rhythm, but I would like if by the end they’ll be able to play some sort of basic pattern by themselves (and hopefully together as well).

As a service group we’re still not sure how we’re going to do it, and I’m worried it’s going to take us too long to find a way that is reliable, or that the group won’t put enough effort to find one.

Follow Up

After a couple sessions, some of the ideas I had of the group, were changed. At first I thought some people weren’t going to put the effort in order to make the service a good experience. I know it’s bad to make prejudices and judgments about people, even when they’re unconsciously, but everyone does to some degree. And after seeing the group worked my previous thoughts were completely changed. I now feel like we’re going to be able to accomplish a lot at this AMK.

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