Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen’s words are still true today. Although it has been 120+ years, there is still no equality between women and men. Women are still treated unequally to men. Femenism is now a major issue in every country. Law’s and rules made by men still affect the way women live. In most countries, men get paid more than women although they work for the same time. Women aren’t even allowed to work in certain countries. Men are still presented to be more dominant between men and women relationships. Especially in countries such as South Korea where it is normal for men to hit women if they don’t listen to them.

Women are also not allowed to work for certain jobs for their gender. For example, certain restaurants¬†will not hire women as chefs. This is because women have ups and downs due to their periods. Change in behaviour can be shown in cooking. Therefore most restaurants will not hire women. Some may think this is a valid reason, but many many women who practise becoming chefs, also practise holding in their change in mind. It is unfair for these hard-working women to not be able to work in restaurants¬†because of their gender. Women are also forbidden to drive in certain countries such as Saudi Arabia. Only men can drive cars. This shows the lack of trust between women and men in Saudi Arabia. Other countries ban women from frontal combat since they see women as being ‘weak’. Women are still presented to be weak and fragile.

My Environmental Value System

#Gpers #EVS

On the EVS, I would be an Anthropocene person. I believe humans are at the center of this world and we can manage our issues. We should start acting for our future since, without a sustainable environment, we will not be able to live happily. Anything that affects us in a negative way, both long and short term, should be solved. Anything that doesn’t affect us does not matter as much and could be solved after we solve our own issues.

My actions somewhat match what I believe in. I try to stay eco-friendly as long as it does not affect my life style. For example, I use the fan instead of the air conditioner as it is more eco-friendly. But, since a fan cannot be adjusted, I usually use the air conditioner after once it gets either too cold or hot.


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