I started by researching Miyazaki’s biography and possible events that had affected the movies. I proceeded to research interviews and commentaries of the movies. I have also researched the western imperialism in Japan and its effects on Japanese movies and animations. One problem I faced was finding interviews. Interviews and commentaries are a necessity for this task as it is Miyazaki’s perception of the films. This will allow me to explore his intentions and possible western influences on the films. I have not been able to successfully find a commentary as the two films were made 10+ years ago. I have successfully been able to research about his biography and the western imperialism and it effects on animations films, not only Miyazaki films. I have been able to find relevant information from many articles about the topics I have mentioned and that are related to my EE question. ┬áMy EE outline will be comparing and contrasting two Japanese animation films to show western imperialism.

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