EE Reflection 3

The research stage and writing of this EE was fascinating and engaging. I was able to closely study cinematic techniques of an animation which has many similarities as real-life techniques, but many that are unique to its style. In addition, I was able to study my own culture and how it depicts the western culture. This was a valuable experience as it reminded me of the historical Japanese culture and morals that I had forgotten. Living in a foreign country and attending an international school meant I had little experience with the Japanese culture, excluding the language, food, and anime. This essay granted me an opportunity to learn the Japanese culture and how it depicts the influences of western culture, a culture I feel more associated with. In my essay, I concluded that the anime series presented westernisation as a positive influence on Japanese society. However, as my essay focus was on one series, I was not able to explore the Japanese societal attitude towards westernisation which was my initial intention of this task. Being Japanese I personally know that many people are against westernisation and protective of the Japanese culture, shown through films such as “Good Morning (1959)”.

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