Project Week Group 32 Final Reflection

Project week to me was something more than CAS, but it was also a variety of learning experiences unique to the system. I visited the village of Cipanas which made me reevaluate my self. Despite the crowded area, the people were happy with their lives and it is easy to understand why. From the vast nature to the kind people, there are many unique and breathtaking aspects unique to the village. Through this experience, I have learned to appreciate my life even more by exploring something that only I can discover. Project week also granted me a chance to grow in confidence and step out of my comfort zone. Communication was a key factor, between my team our NGO and the village.

LO 1 Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth
LO 2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
LO 3 Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
LO 4 Show commitment to and perseverance in your CAS experiences
LO 5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
LO 7 Recognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions
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