Mathematics this year: End of year thoughts

If you could de anything differently next time what would it be? I need to work on reading the question and making sure that I do not make silly mistakes on a whole such as simple adding and subtracting. I would also like to memorise the material so that I can apply it more confidently and efficiently

If you could only remember two things from this exam process in the future what would it be? To study hard and remember all the material that is taught, however at the same time take breaks once in a while to take the stress of off yourself.

What would you tell yourself next year when you do the actual IGCSE exam? To study efficiently and make sure that you are studying the right material for the exam, however at the same time don’t put to much pressure on yourself because you perform better under less stress. Look at the big picture every now and then just to remind yourself that it is one small part of a large process.

What was the most interesting aspect of the course so far? Working with new people that I would not expect to be working with. i found the geometry unit the most interesting as it was a more visual representation of math

What was the most important thing you learnt, why? When getting bad tests back, you have to remember that it is one small part of a massive course that you are taking, there is enough time to make it up and do well on the next text or exam. Learning from where you went wrong is part of the learning experience.  

How do you recognise when you have done well in a test? When the majority of the test shows understanding and applied methods that we have learnt in the past of in class. The real indicator for me is when I come out of a unit having learnt something new (understood it) and be able to apply it confidently in the future

What was the most challenging aspect and why? How can you use skills you learnt in the future: Making sure that I know all of the formulas per unit for the end of grade 9 exam. Getting my test scores back was devastating for me however looking ahead I know that I need to start studying sooner and do little by little leading up to the exam      

If math was a sport it would be surfing because it is always trying to wipe you out by confusing you.


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