Technology and the precautions when using these online platforms

When using multiple online platforms, there are many hazards that most people are unaware of for example sexting and online bullying in the forms of blackmailing and more. The majority of these actions take place on either chats or social media platforms. While people look innocent at school they can appear a totally different person online, this is due to the confidence that people gain when not having to face the victim themselves.Furthermore when it comes to sexting there are many individuals that get peer pressured into taking these significant actions.

When learning about this unit and the topics within it, it shocked me that that the movies that we watched in mentor were an accurate representation to how it would occur in real life. This is due to UWC being such a respective and inclusive community for all. Comparing Singapore to other countries, it is evident that we are a lot safer online at both school and home.

Personal Statement

As a UWCSEA student that has attended this school for 8 years, thought process has changed over time. Being at a multicultural school has allowed me to be more considerate towards all, as well as more reflective. Not only has academics shaped me, but also extracurricular activities, grade 9 expeditions and service.   

I aspire to be the best person that I can be and achieve all goals that I set, I aspire to be the best swimmer that I can be and make myself and coaches proud, I aspire to achieve the highest grade possible for each subject, I aspire to be a happy person. All of these aspirations are built off of experiences and connections that I have made. Being at UWC it has given me so many opportunities and memories. Not only do the sports and academics shape me it is also service, If I went to any other school in the world I would not be where I am today, I would not be as fulfilled as I am today.   

This year alone I have taken part in 2 services, one local and one global. Both have allowed me to apply my learning in realistic situations and make and impact on those who need it. The global concern that I am a part of is called SURFAID, I have taken part in Swim for Life since I was 8 and have continued to do so up until now, however I only recently joined the GC this year at the beginning of grade 9 as it was not an option until high school. This year I was more involved in the planning of the event and was more hands on, it allowed me to improve my communication and organisation in general as we each had individual assigned roles. The local service that I am a part of is called GEP (Generation Education Period), we are currently in the process of turning the service from a local one to a focus group. There are many challenging aspects to overcome before we are able to turn into a focus group, Many meetings were set up with the service head and many conferences with other GC’s to consider partnership, however in the light of things we have decided that raising awareness locally or partnering with Amavasya college are our most realistic options. On a whole I believe that service on campus has shaped a huge part of me and has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and look at things in a whole new perspective. Other than service at school I have taken part in multiple service trips called Tabitha (House building), with dover. I have done the trip for 3 years now and have gained new friends, new connections and new understanding of service, the trips are not only a chance for you to give back, but also a chance to make new connections with people from multiple campuses.    

During Grade 9, I took part in an expedition that took place in Australia, it was focused on many outdoor activities such as canoeing, abseiling, trekking, caving and surfing. I consider myself to be a very active and sporty person, meaning expeditions like the one I went on allows me to try new things and possibly gain interest in other sporting activities. This trip allowed me to gain new friendships and new experiences whilst also being pushed out of my comfort zone. I am from Australia, so going back home for my grade 9 trip was meaningful and felt comfortable for me as I could relate to the country and activities that we took part in. Combining with dover allowed me to make friendships outside of our normal school community as well as learn more about different people. On a whole I believe that the expedition that I chose was well suited for me and challenged me in ways that I did not expect, I have gained new experiences that have impacted my values and beliefs.

Whilst being a student at UWCSEA I have taken part in the east swim team from the very beginning. I was a student at the Ang Mo Kio campus and enjoyed swimming very much as I got to interact with both students that were in higher and lower grades than me.

We used to have to catch a bus to a local swimming pool for our swim lessons, and now at the new campus we have our very own olympic sized swimming pool as a facility. To see all of the improvement and development over the years is something that I will never forget. Through the development I went through many coaches and swimming peers that have come and gone, it is very hard for me to say goodbye to those who have impacted my life significantly however in the long term they are one small part that has shaped you as an individual. I am very thankful for the swim team and the members on it, although I have not been training as much lately I still feel welcomed and very much happy around everyone there. There was one period of time where I was considering quitting as I was losing interest and motivation to continue, however taking a break and cutting down sessions has allowed me to consider my options and has convinced me to continue swimming, During this process I set both short term and long term goals for myself to reflect and act on.

I am unsure if I will be here in Singapore to graduate from UWCSEA east, however through my time being here I have gained so many friendships that have built over time as well as experiences that have impacted me. Many of my academic teachers have allowed me to grow as a student and learn from my faulty mistakes, I believe I have grown as a student and that it is only the beginning of my high school journey. I look forward to setting realistic short term and long term goals related to academics in the future, as it gives me something to work towards and look upon. The only way that I can achieve all of my aspirations is with self determinism and belief, I can make connections and partnerships but that wont take me the whole way, dedication and time are the key elements when it comes to achieving set goals. In the future I hope to return back home to Australia and attended a high standard university that acquire’s for my needs. However as long as I am a student at UWC I know for sure I am going to keep growing as a person and a individual.  



Mathematics this year: End of year thoughts

If you could de anything differently next time what would it be? I need to work on reading the question and making sure that I do not make silly mistakes on a whole such as simple adding and subtracting. I would also like to memorise the material so that I can apply it more confidently and efficiently

If you could only remember two things from this exam process in the future what would it be? To study hard and remember all the material that is taught, however at the same time take breaks once in a while to take the stress of off yourself.

What would you tell yourself next year when you do the actual IGCSE exam? To study efficiently and make sure that you are studying the right material for the exam, however at the same time don’t put to much pressure on yourself because you perform better under less stress. Look at the big picture every now and then just to remind yourself that it is one small part of a large process.

What was the most interesting aspect of the course so far? Working with new people that I would not expect to be working with. i found the geometry unit the most interesting as it was a more visual representation of math

What was the most important thing you learnt, why? When getting bad tests back, you have to remember that it is one small part of a massive course that you are taking, there is enough time to make it up and do well on the next text or exam. Learning from where you went wrong is part of the learning experience.  

How do you recognise when you have done well in a test? When the majority of the test shows understanding and applied methods that we have learnt in the past of in class. The real indicator for me is when I come out of a unit having learnt something new (understood it) and be able to apply it confidently in the future

What was the most challenging aspect and why? How can you use skills you learnt in the future: Making sure that I know all of the formulas per unit for the end of grade 9 exam. Getting my test scores back was devastating for me however looking ahead I know that I need to start studying sooner and do little by little leading up to the exam      

If math was a sport it would be surfing because it is always trying to wipe you out by confusing you.


Maths so far: 2.2.18

So far this year maths has been both easy and challenging in different areas. I expected it to be challenging and hard to understand/follow , however so far I am pleased with my understanding of certain topics. I am pleased with how hard I am working as I have applied myself a lot more than last year to reviewing terms on a daily basis. If I had to improve something it would be to read questions more carefully not only in exams but in class as well, as well as that I need to work towards taking my time when answering questions in order to ensure accuracy. By the end of the year I would like to try and achieve a level of a 5 or 6 on multiple tests. So far the support that you have provided has been exactly what I need ( I can’t think of anything that you could do to help that you are not already doing).

Deborah Emmanuel

Being successful is one thing but having a life story to go with that is another. Deborah Emmanuel has been through so much to get to where she is today. She never felt like she fit into the singaporean culture CMI (Chinese, Malay, Indian) she was an O (Other), She had her ways of reconnecting to her heritage and that was by writing and speaking about it. She never felt she was Indian and never fit into all the traditions. The stereotypes did not fit her and she make this clear when growing up, However over time she has come to claim that she now knows she is Singaporean and belongs here.

Deborah Emmanuel had a very rough childhood with violence and insecurities, Her words were never valid so by conveying herself she did this by poetry. When she was 19 she dealt with all her problems by smoking weed, later on she was caught and was given a 1 year jail sentence in Singapore. She quoted “I have to figure out what love meant” when she was released from jail, confused, unstable and not knowing where to start was the position that she was dumped in. She knew that she had to make use of her life and when she found out that her mum had breast cancer she wrote a poem called I Love You. “Saying I love you has no direction”, She said this at the end of her poem however as time went on and she found love again she realised that love does have a direction as long as you guide it to the receiver.

Her poetry is filled with violence, passion and argument. All the things that went wrong in her life were coming to life by speaking it. I could see how passionate she was when she read her poems. When she is talking to people she is a socially awkward person however when her poems come alive I gain respect and confidence in her. What she has been through in her life has made her who she is today. Once I had listened to her talk I took away the impression that she lives life by the day and that the path that she is taking is being created by the minute.

Robyne Hayes

Robyne Hayes is a researcher on the topic of child marriage.

Never trained in photography nor videography but trained in research. She believed that photography was the way at the time to engage people with the tragic situations that were encountering in Ethiopia, Nepal and Bangladesh. Not only did she go there to stop this crime against humanity but she also dug deeper to find out about the people she were working with. What she got out of it was, all the girls had social issues as well as sustainable problems.

The most horrendous thing to hear  is that every girl that goes through child marriage doesent know why they are having kids let alone why they get their period and this is all because of the lack of education. Robyne Hayes always loved kids and working with them, she found a passion deep inside when she got to work with them. As soon as her husband handed her a camera on Christmas her love for photography started. When she put the two passions together she started up the business that she has come to today. She quoted “Words don’t come easy to me, but photography does”. This goes to show that her way of expressing herself is through an art that helps to guid her thinking. During the talk she also mentioned that we as 1st world kids take so many things for granted that a 3rd world kid can’t even imagine. We take simple things such as food and a home for granted while they don’t ever.

“Giving cameras to little girls with no voice, was one of my defining moments” – Robyne Hayes. If someone has no voice and you give them an opportunity to their lives will change forever. Experiencing someones life first hand is a major thing when it comes to working with kids that live the complete opposite life to you. When Robyne Hayes quoted that ” You don’t have to do anything, you just have to be aware” this made me think about all the situations in life where no words are needed but instead actions that will fulfil others needs more than yours.

“How do you feel when you see change?, I see hope”.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat has called himself a Authorpeneur. His two goals that he has are to

  1. reach maximum Indians via entertainment
  2. Influence them towards progressive society

From what I got out of the talk Chetan Bhagat associates his work with successful and winners. He believes that there are two types of winners – winners who do it better and winners who change the game. He used one of Charles Darwin’s quotes as one of his favourite ” It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most adaptive. To me this conveys his belief towards adaptivity and being flexible. I really like how he is so down to earth and genuine even though he is a famous author and director, it goes to show that he is doing it for more than just the fame but instead to share his life stories and messages.

He then later on went on about short term goals – ‘Short effort goals’ and long term goals – ‘long effort goals’ and how they can guide you to success. Some of the key types of success that he mentioned were happiness, fulfil and many more. The thing that i found the most inspirational from his talk was the 6 stages that he made in order to achieve big things, they were.

  1. Set a clear goal
  2. reasons behind the goal
  3. Finding the group
  4. detailed action plan
  5. setback dealing mehanism
  6. Faith

Overall I felt very inspired by him and what he has accomplished so far, he is a man that believes i dreams and fulfilling needs. I really enjoyed the fact that all of his books and movies are based on life events and struggles that every human being goes through. One of the main impressions that I got of him is that he is a guy that applies himself and sets examples, an example of this would be his into/ start where he made the effort to be funny in order to get our attention, then later he explained the theory behind that. He closed with a quote that left a very impactful impression ” be so busy improving yourself that you have no time left to criticise others”, This quote  really connected all of his ideas about being winners and being successful.

Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson is a interviewer and journalist, he has worked for ESPN Star Sports/Fox Sports and One Champion. During his talk he mentioned his former job as an accountant and the time that was spent there, One of the students asked him” do you regret your time as an accountant” and he simply replied with a no, then he expanded on that and explained that accountancy allowed him to gain accuracy for journalism and interviewing. I found this very interesting as it surprised me to hear that he had no regret doing this job. Steve Dawson is very head strong and believes that you have to stay professional at all times when being a journalist. There was a story that he shared with us about his interview with manny Pacquiao he stated in his talk that he was a massive boxing fan and yet was still able to keep a professional approach by not asking him for a photo however when he turned to leave manny Pacquiao asked for a photo with him, this goes to show that he is a very well respected man that has a level of standard.

He also stated in his talk what he believes to be the ‘5 most important things during an interview’

  1. Ask open ended questions – Providing a challenge for your interviewer
  2. Set the answer free – Don’t set unnecessary parameters
  3. Don’t interrupt
  4.  Be a single shooter – Don’t ask double barrelled questions
  5. Listen to the answer – follow up question

I believe that all of these points that he has made are from years of experience when it comes to interviews as well as watching other interviews make mistakes. He shared a story with us regarding the double barrelled questions, one of the other interviewers asked an F1 driver ” what do you think of the way you did, how do you feel” and the F1 driver replied with “good”,this is because he is only basing his answer on the last question.

One of my favourite quotes from Steve Dawson would be ” News is only news because it exists during the day”. It goes to show the casual yet formal side of being an interviewer. He also quoted that ” I never take my job for granted” this goes to show how grateful he is for this job and how much he wants to stay in the job. All of the years leading up to this were years well spent to get him to where he is today.

My B1 journey

Lesson 1:
I feel like the dominant emotion at the time was happy however I felt as if the pace of the lesson was quit slow, however I liked the aspect that it was hands interactive.
Learning about Bio will help me in the future to analyse certain things that I am unsure about and apply my learning.

Lesson 2:
Today we had to pair up and use a microscope, we have done this in the past and i feel like today was a ” brush up lesson” to remember how to use one precisely.

Lesson 3:
We had to find the nuclear and the semi permeable membrane of a cheek cell and a par of a plant. To get a cheek cell I am had to get a cotton swab and wipe the inside of my mouth to get the cells. I then placed them onto the slide and added methaline blue and then put a glass slip on top. this was the same process for the plant in terms of setting up the slide. We successfully found these two things under the microscope however it was hard to zoom into it and find it again under a more zoomed in view. I am unable to insert images however here is a link:

9/11/17:Self taught lesson
My partner Ian and I decided to do the practical on osmosis first to set it up and get going then we will do practice questions and worksheets to develop our understanding further.
Potato experiment:
1) we added 4ml of salt solutions with different concentrates into 5 different test tubes then labeled them
2) we cut cylinder shaped potatoes up all of them with the length of 2 cm
3) we then weighed each one and made a note of it by writing it on the test tubes
4) we added the potatoes into the substances and set a timer for 20mins

For the practical there was a question that we had to answer:
Which potato would we expect to lose the most water?
– I expect that the 0.1 as it is the highest concentration (0.5) therefor it will be absorbed the fastest due to the amount of salt in the water. Wheres with 0.1 has more of a water based solution, Thus needs less water to achieve a equilibrium

Start weight:0.77
End weight:0.80

Start weight:0.82
End weight: 0.8

Start weight:0.74
End weight:0.68

Start wight:0.78
End weight: 0.7

Start wight: 0.70
End weight: 0.68

Osmosis definition: a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. ( this is a definition from the internet (official definition))
Osmosis is important in our lives because: a process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one.

Today we learnt how to differentiate a hypotonic and hypertonic solutions. We looked at the case study of boiled eggs. The definitions are as follows:

Solutes: A dissolved substance

Water Potential: The amount of water that is in a solution

Hypertonic solution: Has a higher concentration of solutes and a lower concentration of water (low water potential)

Hypotonic solution: Has a lower concentration of solutes and a higher concentration of water (high water concentration)

Isotonic solution: This is when the level of solutes and water potential has hit an equilibrium on the inside and out side of the semi-permeable membrane.

We also took a look at how with would impact cells.

A turgid cell is a slightly swollen. This occurs when cells are placed in a hypotonic solution. This is rarely a issue due to the fact that the cell wall is able to take the extra push.

A flaccid cell is shrivelled and occurs when a cell is in a hypertonic solution. This a a major issue as it means the cell lack the nutrients needed.

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