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SEAMC club- preparing for the competition

Mathematics involves creative thinking to reach solutions. Having taken part in every mathematics competition offered by the school, in the past 3 years, be it CEMC, UKMT or AMC, I am very excited to be preparing for the South East… Continue Reading →

Competition Maths Club – Thinking outside the box

I currently lead the HS competition Maths club in UWCSEA. I joined the middle school segment of this club in grade 8, when I joined school, and have been a member, ever since. 4 years down the line, I feel… Continue Reading →

Economeast Publication – Article 1

I was exposed to the ‘Economeast’ magazine, even before I joined UWC. I was studying in India, in Grade 7 at the time, and my sister had just joined UWC (grade 8). It was on one of the parent-teacher meets,… Continue Reading →

Music with Apex – Planning

Over the years, local service has contributed to my life quite significantly, by giving me exposure to the local Singaporean community and helping me understand the needs of different people better. I have had the chance to work with the… Continue Reading →

Joining Kolkata GC

When I joined school in grade 8 I decided at the very onset that I would like to be a part of a GC based in India. Having spent the majority of my life in India, a lot of issues… Continue Reading →


I have been playing tennis outside of school for two years now. What was a new sport that I initially fumbled at, has now transformed into ones of the sports I enjoy the most. The time every week, I dedicate… Continue Reading →

Introduction to STEM club

I worked very hard last year to co-found UWCSEA East’s first STEM club. It gives me great pride to see the sessions run so smoothly as friends and I, put in a lot of effort into planning each session. We… Continue Reading →

Preparation for UWCMUN 2017

Being a part of MUN in UWCSEA has always been a pleasurable learning experience. As the largest club in the school, it encompasses diversity in thought and perspective like no other activity. Debating with others who have different skill sets… Continue Reading →

This is how I see CAS in Week One

CAS will probably an extension of the UWC values which students already adhere to, by taking part in different activities, sports, and services. CAS promises to be great fun, as students will get the opportunity to push themselves in different… Continue Reading →

Learnings from my Internship, Summer 2017

  Scientific research, provides a platform to exercise creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. It involves having an open mind, patience, dedication and an eye for detail, in order to be able to hypothesise, test, analyse and deduce. Although it is… Continue Reading →

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