Mathematics involves creative thinking to reach solutions. Having taken part in every mathematics competition offered by the school, in the past 3 years, be it CEMC, UKMT or AMC, I am very excited to be preparing for the South East Asian Mathematics Competition, in February next year. What adds to my excitement, is the fact that this year SEAMC will be held at our school this year. This will give me the opportunity to be more involved in the process of the competition as a whole. My vested interest in this area, is also illustrated by the fact, that I am currently designing the logo for the competition. In this way, I have shown my desire to take initiative and help the leaders organise this event. I have always enjoyed graphic design and pursue it as a passion. The SEAMC competition organisers gave me to take this hobby a step further, and I am product of the design I have come up with. In the process I have also discovered many new techniques that are useful in adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop – two interfaces which are generally regarded as difficult to use.

Although, there is room for further improvement, I am quite satisfied with the current logo I have designed. It incorporated aspects of mathematics, SEAMC as well as Singapore in it, sticking it the colour scheme of Singapore. However, the addition of more colour might make it more vibrant to look at.I have been involved in training last year as well, even though I eventually did not go for the competition due to discrepancies in age associated with the competition. Hence, I am very motivated to be take part this year. SEAMC requires students to dedicate a lot of time outside the classroom to take it upon themselves to learn topics which is beyond the IB syllabus. This nudges the passion for maths within the students further, and increases their knowledge base. I also enjoy working with students of grade 9, 10, 11 and 12, all of which have different skillsets. It has taught me that age is never a barrier for learning, and opening my mind to learning from others will only enhance my mathematical abilities.

Below are the drafts which show progress in design. They are evidence of my perseverance and my desire to improve the product continually through receiving feedback from my peers, in order to obtain a polished finished product.

Draft 1 and 2:


Draft 3 and 4:

Draft 5:

Draft 6 and 7:


Draft 8:

Learning Outcomes highlighted:

  1. Increased their awareness of their strengths and areas for growth.
  2. Undertaken new challenges.
  3. Worked collaboratively with others.
  4. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities.
  5. Developed new skills.




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