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Researcher Reflection space

Question: To what extent do non price factors such as the branding of players, budgeting of franchises, player performance, etc impact the optimal auction price for high value cricketers in the Indian Premier League (IPL)? Economics has been my favourite… Continue Reading →

Can science answer moral questions? – TOK

Science draws upon connotations of absolutism. Associated typically with facts, it is often believe that science deals with the right and wrong, omitting the grey are that lie in between. On the other hand, morality is often associated with a… Continue Reading →

Tennis: Reflection 2

I have always enjoyed sports and in recent times, with the mounting work associated with IB, I have begun to appreciate the need for physical activity even more, in order to maintain mental strength and physical agility. Focus is another… Continue Reading →

Kolkata GC: Gearing up for Kahaani (Reflection 2)

January 25 is right around the corner and Kolkata GC is busy preparing for our biggest fundraiser, the ‘Kahaani’ dance showcase, where we celebrate Indian culture through traditional dances, whilst also raising funds for ‘Voice of Worlds’, the NGO in… Continue Reading →

Music with Apex- interacting with the local community (Reflection 2)

We have only recently begun to visit Apex Harmony Lodge, and every session is a new experience. We work with people suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s most of whom are quite elderly. Interacting with a different age group, especially through… Continue Reading →

MUN – the power of advocacy (Reflection 2)

MUN has always been a very enjoyable experience for me. Taking part in UWCMUN, as part of the Advisory Panel, was definitely a step up from being a part of the Economic and Social Council at MUNOFS last year. Further… Continue Reading →

Math Club : Learning, doing, teaching (Reflection 2)

I have been a part of Math Club, ever since I joined UWCSEA in middle school. Over the years, Ive seen the different leaders of the club, adopt different methods of engaging the students. The club, which had over 25… Continue Reading →

Economeast Publications: The process of creating a magazine (Reflection 2)

Economics has undoubtedly been my favourite subject this year. And Economeast provides me with an avenue to apply the theory we learn about in class, to reality. In addition to writing articles, and thereby exploring different current affairs in great… Continue Reading →

STEM Club : exploring the unknown (Reflection 2)

The realm of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has expanded in importance over the last few years. Hence, talking about these different ideas, to consolidate and increase knowledge and awareness is a key skill which we have been focusing on…. Continue Reading →

SEAMC – closing in on the Competition (Reflection 2)

I am thrilled to be one of the 9 people who will be representing our school in the South East Asian Mathematics Competition, in March this year. This is the gateway to the prestigious World Mathematics Championship, and more over,… Continue Reading →

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