Mock reflection

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Things I need to focus on:

  • prioritising stuff
  • being organised
  • concentrating more
  • having faith in myself
  • making sure I plan accordingly about how I want to study
  • not getting influence
  •  not getting affected by external pressure

I feel this mock didn’t g good because I was not organised. I need to be focused and not procrastinate as the more I would procrastinate I would be not able to complete the work. For the next term, I need to try new strategies to make sure I do well.

Kahaani 2019-first reflection

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The reason for joining Kahani was that it was fun as well as a charity event supporting the Kolkata GC. Kahnai was an Indian dance show hence this was another reason why I joined Kahani.  It was really difficult to decide should I participate or not because the rehearsal would take a lot of time and I might struggle in completing my school work. Kahani meant a story and this time they were going to tell a story of Cinderella but Cinderella in this story was blind. The story was about love, acceptance and self-realisation. Though Kahani had no auditions it was scary to perform on stage because you were representing different cultures in India. Each and every culture is unique in its own way because they are so similar in their form but yet the way of representing is different. For example, Bharatnatyam and Kathak have very similar dance form but the way they represent this dance is different and the story of why the dance evolves is differnet. Hence Kahani was not just about dance but also about the way you want your country to be represented. Being an Indian I feel that I had more responsibility to represent my culture.

)Relationship- Bank account(Group 2

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Relationship that has been problematic

I think a lot of relationship need trust. One of my friendship lacked trust and we had fallen apart. This has created a lot of problem as contiuosly thinking about what has been wrong

I think spending enough time to understand each others action and understanding the reason behind would have help increase trust between us . Also reflecting back on what went wrong and what needs to be improved would help us make are relationship strong and clear all misunderstanding

Making each other comfortable and understanding each others responsibility would help us increase and make our bank account rich.

PSE Networking Event

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In the event i thin I got an opportunity to experience the networking stimulation but there were few things that did not go well and few did.

Things that did not work well:

  • To many students to staff
  • unrealistic setting
  • Could not be like a real networking event
  • Prompt sheet could be more realistic
  • Feedback from staff was very general
  • More publicity among students as some did not know about it

What worked well

  • If students bought in it would possible to try out conversation ideas
  • Taught to compete trying to walk away with a goal

IFP-Being a leader

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Today we had our second meeting with the Dover kids. Today’s session we discussed about how can we be leaders. We just need to focus on few of our communication and listening skills . As leader it is very important to listen to others conflict and help them find solutions to it. In the session today about communication with people i realized that how body language plays and important role. The way you ask question, the use of language helps you solve conflicts.

Planning session for the the actual session was putting together what all we learnt during our sessions. It was difficult to plan a session as we needed to decide who our delegates are going to be and accordingly we had to plan. While planning the sessions we had internal conflicts within our group as our ideas were different.  As a group we needed to decide whether their idea is going to benefit our group or not.  We had to come with best ideas but one which will benefit our delegates.

In today’s session i got to know more about being a leader and learn something more about the dover students


Joy of winning

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Last game of the season against GIIS full of joy. Joy of winning against . Everyone giving their best to win and make the last game for everyone memorable and exciting as we had grade 12 in the team and it was there last game. Before the game the excitement , nervousness was all going to agresivenes on the field .The most important or the highlight of the game was when we were in talks with the other team to lend our team members. That moment i realised what teamwork actually is. What happened wast that the opposite team had two players less and we needed 11 players in both the team. The refree gave us an option to lend a player to the other team and win the the match or to play without their two player.In both the cases we were going to win but what matterred the discusssion we had. Everyohere with  was like none would play for the other team as everyone had come here after lots of efforts and hard work . It would be unaffair on everyone as we have always played as a team , as one. It was our last match, on our homeground and everyone deserves to be a part of it even if we lose or even if we win. Its all about our team , its about us.I was so blown away . I had never imagined this kind of team spirit .

I think this match was the best team game we have played in our life. A win of 11 goals against the opponents was a true demonstration of our team work determination and willingness to give our best. We put our heart and  soul and applied all the skill we could . The last match was one of the most memorable game I have ever playes in my life. I

First step -skill development

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Learning skills is very important before teaching helping someone. Today I was working on my foot work and how to hit the shuuttlecock with a lot of intensity. I learned that badminton is not all about hitting the shuttlecock its about how you hit and how you put your skill into action  while playing badminton.It was difficult as i needed to coordinate with my foot work as well as my how i hit the shuttlecock . I realised that how difficult it might be for the special olymoics athelete to do all the skills together as i was suffering from the practice session today. It was like coming out of my comfrort zone and giving my best as i was going to help the atheletes . I needed to be completely engrossed in the session .

Initiative for peace.- First reflection

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I really wanted to be a part of Initiative For Peace e as this represents the true UWA spirit. It actually put into action that Youth connecting Youth For sustainable Peace For Sustainable eFor Future. Connecting with students from not only our campus but also the Dover campus would be forming a big chain of Peace builders. We all come from different nations, culture and have different points of view but common together as a team for peace. Peace is not something that is not achievable. Your efforts and passion for a good peaceful future makes it achievable yes.

In this globalising world is necessary.  Living with peace makes  a healthy relationship with each other which indeed helps healthy exchange of culture . t IFP is going to provide me platform to be a peace builder . Be someone who is going to be spreading peace. I feel when you meet thousand people with same mission the mission is possible.

I am really excited for the coming year. Its going to be one of those year when we are going to be together . We are not going to be belonging to our nationality. We are going to be the citizen of world, a global citizen. A citizen who is going to be working for the welfare of our world, for sustainable future.


Singapore Confress with The Dovers

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This Sunday students from East and Dover came under one roof to learn about peace building . Meetings the students from different nationality, different background , made me believe that peace is possible. The existence of too many culture , nationalities at one place without conflict proves peace is possible . Although we belong to the same UWC but our community is different , IFP is a way we are coming together and working for the same purpose that is peace.

The conference was not only about peace but also community building. I could actually see why IFP is Calle the UWC spirit . The different games , team building activity was indicating that ‘Youth can connect Youth to build sustainable peace for sustainable future. What stood out to me was the film belief of some of us and the reason behind it. One question that stood out to me was is peace possible. Some of us believe that peace is possible , some believed that it could not be and some didn’t know it is or it is not .  We all having some different beliefs and still working towers the same goal that is peace itself proves that peace is possible .

The sessions served as a good indicator as to what to expect in the course of the upcoming year, and we were able to gain a deeper insight into the purpose of this programme. It was also a nice opportunity to meet students from Dover, make new friends.The biggest take away was acceptance, tolerance  and unity. I think the Singapore conference gave us a first hand experience of what peace building looks like and how can we be peace builder.

UWC Day prep for BIA

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21 September was going to be UWC Day. Everyone excited and geared up as different services were going to represent their services and create awareness . In the meeting her we were discussing about different movements , how were going to represent  our service and create awareness about it in our campus. In the process of discussing about different issues and the movements raised for it I realised that there are so many things I don’t know going on like the Me Too movement. I just feel about the issue but I am not keeping myself updated about it. Am I not  being like those people who just talk about issues but actually don’t know what is exactly happening around.

In this meeting we discussed about how we can discuss with the students how the use ion unintentional language poetry the kind of mindset we have for different genders. How educating them about this issue can make a change. We decided to talk about different ways through we can create awareness like social media. Also about talking about the issue in PSE class as its a part of education. Talking the middle school as they are at age where we can teach them about the use of language and the kind of language to be used while talking. Trying not to be sexist by our unintentional language .

At the end of the session I feel I could give more ideas and inputs in the discussion. I think my biggest problem was not being updated about the movements . So I think by the next meeting I will try to do a lot of research and try to be more confident about what I think .