I really wanted to be a part of Initiative For Peace e as this represents the true UWA spirit. It actually put into action that Youth connecting Youth For sustainable Peace For Sustainable eFor Future. Connecting with students from not only our campus but also the Dover campus would be forming a big chain of Peace builders. We all come from different nations, culture and have different points of view but common together as a team for peace. Peace is not something that is not achievable. Your efforts and passion for a good peaceful future makes it achievable yes.

In this globalising world is necessary.  Living with peace makes  a healthy relationship with each other which indeed helps healthy exchange of culture . t IFP is going to provide me platform to be a peace builder . Be someone who is going to be spreading peace. I feel when you meet thousand people with same mission the mission is possible.

I am really excited for the coming year. Its going to be one of those year when we are going to be together . We are not going to be belonging to our nationality. We are going to be the citizen of world, a global citizen. A citizen who is going to be working for the welfare of our world, for sustainable future.