This Sunday students from East and Dover came under one roof to learn about peace building . Meetings the students from different nationality, different background , made me believe that peace is possible. The existence of too many culture , nationalities at one place without conflict proves peace is possible . Although we belong to the same UWC but our community is different , IFP is a way we are coming together and working for the same purpose that is peace.

The conference was not only about peace but also community building. I could actually see why IFP is Calle the UWC spirit . The different games , team building activity was indicating that ‘Youth can connect Youth to build sustainable peace for sustainable future. What stood out to me was the film belief of some of us and the reason behind it. One question that stood out to me was is peace possible. Some of us believe that peace is possible , some believed that it could not be and some didn’t know it is or it is not .  We all having some different beliefs and still working towers the same goal that is peace itself proves that peace is possible .

The sessions served as a good indicator as to what to expect in the course of the upcoming year, and we were able to gain a deeper insight into the purpose of this programme. It was also a nice opportunity to meet students from Dover, make new friends.The biggest take away was acceptance, tolerance  and unity. I think the Singapore conference gave us a first hand experience of what peace building looks like and how can we be peace builder.