Initiative for peace.- First reflection

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I really wanted to be a part of Initiative For Peace e as this represents the true UWA spirit. It actually put into action that Youth connecting Youth For sustainable Peace For Sustainable eFor Future. Connecting with students from not only our campus but also the Dover campus would be forming a big chain of Peace builders. We all come from different nations, culture and have different points of view but common together as a team for peace. Peace is not something that is not achievable. Your efforts and passion for a good peaceful future makes it achievable yes.

In this globalising world is necessary.  Living with peace makes  a healthy relationship with each other which indeed helps healthy exchange of culture . t IFP is going to provide me platform to be a peace builder . Be someone who is going to be spreading peace. I feel when you meet thousand people with same mission the mission is possible.

I am really excited for the coming year. Its going to be one of those year when we are going to be together . We are not going to be belonging to our nationality. We are going to be the citizen of world, a global citizen. A citizen who is going to be working for the welfare of our world, for sustainable future.


Singapore Confress with The Dovers

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This Sunday students from East and Dover came under one roof to learn about peace building . Meetings the students from different nationality, different background , made me believe that peace is possible. The existence of too many culture , nationalities at one place without conflict proves peace is possible . Although we belong to the same UWC but our community is different , IFP is a way we are coming together and working for the same purpose that is peace.

The conference was not only about peace but also community building. I could actually see why IFP is Calle the UWC spirit . The different games , team building activity was indicating that ‘Youth can connect Youth to build sustainable peace for sustainable future. What stood out to me was the film belief of some of us and the reason behind it. One question that stood out to me was is peace possible. Some of us believe that peace is possible , some believed that it could not be and some didn’t know it is or it is not .  We all having some different beliefs and still working towers the same goal that is peace itself proves that peace is possible .

The sessions served as a good indicator as to what to expect in the course of the upcoming year, and we were able to gain a deeper insight into the purpose of this programme. It was also a nice opportunity to meet students from Dover, make new friends.The biggest take away was acceptance, tolerance  and unity. I think the Singapore conference gave us a first hand experience of what peace building looks like and how can we be peace builder.


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21 September was going to be UWC Day. Everyone excited and geared up as different services were going to represent their services and create awareness . In the meeting her we were discussing about different movements , how were going to represent  our service and create awareness about it in our campus. In the process of discussing about different issues and the movements raised for it I realised that there are so many things I don’t know going on like the Me Too movement. I just feel about the issue but I am not keeping myself updated about it. Am I not  being like those people who just talk about issues but actually don’t know what is exactly happening around.

In this meeting we discussed about how we can discuss with the students how the use ion unintentional language poetry the kind of mindset we have for different genders. How educating them about this issue can make a change. We decided to talk about different ways through we can create awareness like social media. Also about talking about the issue in PSE class as its a part of education. Talking the middle school as they are at age where we can teach them about the use of language and the kind of language to be used while talking. Trying not to be sexist by our unintentional language .

At the end of the session I feel I could give more ideas and inputs in the discussion. I think my biggest problem was not being updated about the movements . So I think by the next meeting I will try to do a lot of research and try to be more confident about what I think .


Because I am – Focus Group

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Gender is one of the topic which I am very close to. Growing up in a culture where a man is considered as this always a considered  bread earner of home and is treated with immense respect has always affected. Seeing women given inferior status made me question the social norms of the society for different gender. It made me question about my identity as woman. Will society always consider me a shadow of a man? It made me question about my identity as a women? I have tried to prove my self better than my male counterparts be it in school or in family.

When I came here I strongly felt about this focus group ‘ Because I Am’ . In the service fair I was really excited to hear that how this group is interested in raising awareness about gender equality. What more exited me is how the representative of this group were so determined and passionate about the topic while they were talking about the service. The kind of data, videos and the records they made excited me. I could imagine myself in place of the representative . The passion in eyes attracted me towards this issue. I am really eager to know about the steps we are going to take this year to raise awareness about this issue. Its actually going to be a time where I will be actually going to work for the issue which I really feel for.






sequences and series

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Factual Questions 

1.What is a  sequences?

A sequence is a list of numbers arranged according to a rule and is separated by commas is known as sequences.

For example; 1,2,3,4,5,

2. What is a series ?

The sum of terms of a sequence is series.

For example; 1+2+3+4……

There are different types of  series ; Arithmetic series, geometric series, convergent series and divergent series.

Arithmetic Series : A types of series which involves addition or subtraction of  a sequence in a sequence is known as     arithmetic series.For example; 1+2+3+4…….1000000. The first term is and the constant difference is d and the number of terms is n.

Geometric series: A series which involves division or multiplication is known as geometric sequence.It has a constant ratio between terms. For example; 2+6+18+54. The first term is a¡ and the common ratio is r and the number of term is n.

Convergent Series: A series in which there is a limit to the partial sum. For example; 0.9,,0.0009,…….1. The series converges to 1.

Divergent Series: A series which has no limit. It does not diverge . For example:1, 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4,…..


3.How can we distinguish between and analyse different types of sequences and series?

Series is a sum of terms which can be arithmetic or geometric. Series are always infinite.If the series have  a constant term its means that its is arithmetic. Where if it has constant ratio it means it is geometric sequence.

Theories , Dinosaur extinction

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In ToK Class we talked about the scientific method and how it can lead never lead to a absolute truth.In order to reach an absolute truth you need to falsify a lot theories in order to reach one theory.  A lot of theories explain about the extinction of dinosaurs.  Few scientist believe that extinction of dinosaur is related to the falling of meteors while some believe due to volcanic eruption. A lot of theories are accepted as an idea for extinction of dinosaur due to the theories explained and supported by scientist.The acceptance of the theories  is all related to the facts and evidence provided by the scientist. Different theories suggesting different ideologies has lead to a lot of arguments and debates. After reading the article I feel theres no accurate theory that suggest that the reason behind extinction of dinosaur . Theres always a kind of uncertainty associated with each theory. Each theory is based on its hypothesis based on observations and supported by facts to prove it. Its very difficult to explain the duration of time of the extinction of dinosaur and then associate anyone of the theory with it.  To prove any theory we need to consider the variables related to evolution. If any of this theory is disapproved we need to revise our models. Thus coming to a definite truth is difficult .



The Card Games

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In this ToK class we played the card games. According to this games we had to give away the card  but each card had its own pattern. We had to follow the pattern . If the card did not follow the pattern it would be rejected and we would end up receiving more cards. We had to be very careful and observe the sequences while giving our kids.

In this activity I learnt that we needed to look at the bigger picture in order to get the and understand the correct sequence.We needed to observe carefully in order to get the correct pattern. The most important thing I learnt was you might be right in your opinions but your right opinions might not be suitable for the situations . Sometimes you needed to falsify your hypothesis or opinions in order to know if its right or not. For example, when we look at scientific  theories we believe it as someone has proved it but we don’t try to falsify to check if its right or wrong.Questioning science might bring more clear theories .Also there are a lot of factors that can affect the outcomes.It is easier to falsify our hypothesis than to prove it right. In class when we tried to falsify our hypothesis we could easily find the patterns. We can never know if all other possibilities are eliminated, we can never know if other theories are correct.

Difference between an EXCELLENT Essay and a moderate essay

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The first essay is uses a lot of example , the other too but the first one is more clear in terms of concepts as well as in explaining the examples.It also adds to the personal experience and is more engaging. The constant asking rhetorical questions and then answering it makes the more engaged and interested in reading the essay.The first one seemed to be more connected to the the topic in terms of usage examples whereas the second one sometimes seems irrelevant as explaining with the examples. The writer seem to be thinking and unsure when writing. Also in the first essay where the writer highlights the questions with blue and words like ‘disagree’ with blue which makes the writer more engaged in reading what the writer disagrees with and read its point. In the second essay the first fair to analyse all points where is in the first all conceptual ideas are explained and are analysed.

I think  the best way to write a good essay is giving personal examples , asking questions and then answering them , clear ideas and thoughts and keeping the points interlinked with each other.

Reflection about the subjects.

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My subjects are Global Politics(HL),Biology (HL), English B(HL), Maths (SL), Business (SL), Hindi Literature (SL). I think the most justified subject is
English (HL) following which is Hindi. I feel Languages are the most important as this is the only way through which we communicate and exchange are ideologies. As the world is becoming global the sense of communication is increasing . English is becoming the global language through which people are connected and are able to understand each other. Languages not only teach how to communicate but also the skill learnt while learning the languages be it analysing or be it comprehend things they last long lasting. Im believe that if you understand and learn a language you get a better understanding of everything.  The second subject that is important for me is Global Politics. As the name suggest learn about the politics of then world. I feel that as the world is progressing spun need to update yourself about the political issues going around the world. You not only learn the issues but you also learn about the causes and affect of it. You learn about the different forms of power . For example , hard power , soft power , smart power . After having this knowledge I can understand any injustice done using power. I also learn about the human rights, freedom and different concepts related tp it which gives me a better understanding of the world . I feel this are the only subjects where your thoughts and opinions are always given importance and are not considered wrong not right. Theres nothing wrong , nothing right .

I think biology is the least justified subject as you believe in the theory proposed by other scientist . Sometimes you stop challenging the theories. Also business is based upon the strategies that successful businessmen or companies have adopted and you study it. You refer to others ideologies and strategy to have a successful career ahead.




ToK experience.

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My first ToK class was on 24th August, 2018. I was really excited as well as nervous at the same time. A lot of questions going in my mind. I did not know what to expect at this was my first time in an international school so I was an alien in front of everything . I was excited also because almost everyone around me was done. with one ToK class and students were sharing there experience be it in the library or canteen so my excitement reached an apex. After attending the first lecture I feel more excited about whats going to happen in the upcoming year. I was amused by the activity we did of different perspective. How everyone has different perspective and how we should understand it. Respectfully listening to others views and then sharing your views and then reasoning it out. The biggest thing I learnt is that you honour others view and once you asking each other about why do you feel about that answer, your are challenging yourself. You are challenging your views and the things you believe  . Not only that you also reflect upon your view s=and think over your believes.When I did activities , I realised that I was making myself reflect on my views.Earlier I would rarely think about what I am talking to people about but this time I did.

I am very excited to attend the other ToK class and what I will learn from it and how do I implement this learning in my life. Looking forward for the next class.