How Do I Want To Be Remembered

I would like to be remembered as a person that doesn’t make it hard for other people. I want to be remembered as a funny, smart and supportive remembered. I try to maintain a healthy relationship with all my classmates in most if not all my subjects, and I wish that people think the same of me. I rarely have disagreements or conflicts with others, and always try to maintain a positive attitude with other groups of people. Even though I am part of a clique in the grade, I have no trouble socialising with other acquaintances and even people I have never met before/new people. I don’t want to be remembered as a person who had too big of an ego, even though I can act as I do sometimes. I want to be perceived as knowledgeable and simply, a nice person. In my life I want to accomplish many things for the benefit of society, giving another way that I want to be remembered. I would like to be remembered as a person who has done more good things for the community, rather than a person who has caused more public inconvenience than they are “supposed to”.


My Strengths and Weaknesses

My Strengths & My Weaknesses

* How can these strengths make you an effective member of the community?


Since humour and love of learning are the two of my best strengths, I can help others in terms of academics and cheer them up when needed. I am good at telling jokes and bringing smiles to other people. In the community, I can be known as a knowledgeable yet funny guy.

* Think about the last few weeks: how have you recently played to those strengths.

Humour has always been part of me and I have always shown it throughout in my character. I am also very curious, and for the past few weeks since school just started I’ve been asking a numerous amount of questions.

* How can you work to bring out your own strengths more? Look for opportunities to use these strengths (especially to help others) to increase wellbeing.

Honestly, I’ve had similar strengths for my whole life so keeping it up isn’t too hard. I just have to be myself and I recommend others to do so as well.

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English Bookshelf

  • English Bookshelf Activity
  • The Rick Riordan series is probably my favourite series of all time, but Harry Potter is arguably tied in position
  • Some honourable mentions that I really enjoyed throughout middle school include “Milkweed”, “The Book Thief”, “Bleakboy and Hunter Stand out in the Rain”, “The Sky so Heavy” and “The House of the Scorpion”
  • A really interesting, funny and cool “scientific” book that I loved is “What if?” by Randall Munroe. He explains his theories on the most bizarre questions asked by using his mathematic and science skills
  • Other series that have made me wonder and has affected me as a person include the “Arc of a Scythe” trilogy (haven’t read the 3rd book yet, coming out on 3rd of September) and “The Blackthorn Key” series
  • “Hunger Games” and “Maze Runners” had similar dystopian features, I enjoy a lot of adventure fantasy and fiction novels but I haven’t finished these series so I didn’t put them up
  • “Big Nate” probably the comic series that has made me laugh most (I couldn’t find a good picture of it online). I have collected most of the books and read all, it has affected the way I think (like TAWOG) and changed my sense of humour
  • The “empty” part of the bookshelf seen in the linked screenshot is what I hope to fill up during high school. I still want to read a lot even though my workload will increase compared to my middle school years

My Introduction

Hi! My name is Nishant Muralidharan and I am 14 years old. I chose economics, music and global perspectives for my IGCSE choices. I like to think erratically and I have a creative nature. I’m not that anti-social, I am usually comfortable with any type of society, except for the ones that have a negative aura around it XD. I enjoy gaming, both by myself and with my friends, I play the piano and do karate.

Activities and Service

I have participated in many activities since I was young. The earliest activity I have done was playing the piano, at the age of 3. Because of this, I still have a passion for piano, and I am advancing to Grade 7 piano this year. I have played many classical pieces and performed in numeral concerts, both invitational and open… and frequently performances in music schools and my own school. I am a brown belt holder in karate and have a gold certificate in safe swimming, which means I have met all the requirements to save a drowning person and to swim long distances. I had to swim 2km straight to achieve this as well. Math has been a passion for me, and even though it is academic, I have participated in numerous mathematical competitions, including (ASMO, AMO, AMC, UKMT and Gauss). I was too old to compete in SASMO by the time I realised I could participate and SMO is still a challenge for me. I went to the MATHCOUNTS Trip to Shanghai 2019 to battle with other schools. This was overall a great experience and I learned a lot about math and how people work their way out of problems.

Activities and Service

To this day, I have done many activities and participated in services. Let’s start with ‘service’. Service is an opportunity for anyone to do good to this world, to help the needy and to make the world the better place. While that might sound vague, the service a person can do is different. We play our part in the process, and only together can we achieve the goal. Since Grade 5’s willing hearts soup kitchen until Grade 8’s Global Concern: Blue Dragons, I have put my best efforts to maintain my part in service. Grade 5 was compulsory and we had to help out in cutting vegetables and packing food for the elderly… many who may not have had the same privileges as us. Grade 6 and 7 were both made up by GC: ISF (Indo-China Starfish Foundation), where we helped children in Indonesia with their education in an overall supportive and fun environment. Finally, last year I joined GC: Blue Dragon, with a similar focus as ISF. Blue Dragon’s aim is to support the education of most, if not all, of Cambodia’s 4.5 million children. However, an addition to this service later in the year was to support women’s rights and equality, as in many areas in Cambodia females were prone to being sexually harassed or trafficked. Same goes for children. As it is a very unsafe place, our job is to educate people and raise awareness to help in situations as such. This year, I am willing to participate in Sunbears GC (as it was recommended by a very good friend of mine from a grade above) or a 2-term after-school service, as I always commit to lunch-time services.