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My Significant Learning so far…..

I strongly think that something which I have learnt which is invaluable to me would be the skill of multitasking. From the start, I have had to multitask, mainly because I have a lot of Academic Goals to get, a lot of Homework, and have a leadership role in my Global Concern. Added up, I feel that I have a lot of work to do all the time, so I have slowly adapted to multitask and prioritise my work. I am used to always being behind on my work/time, so I do many things at the same time. At the start, this would reduce my quality of work, but I have learnt to overcome that challenge too.

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At the start of G9, we had to set a few SMART goals for ourselves. These goals would be:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

I decided to have a range of Academic goals, but Fitness goals too! They are as follows:

  1. Aim to consistently get 6’s in English by the start of term two
  2. Set a fixed time to practice and revise especially before tests, for at least 30 minutes every second day
  3. To improve on upper-body strength as follows:
    1. 20 Push-Ups continuously x 3 every two days
    2. 20 Sit-ups continuously x 3 every two days
  4. Check the OLP every day so that I do not miss any homework or reminders and can use the resources from the OLP effectively
  5. Put in reminders for 4:30, when I normally start my homework so that I do not miss out on time to study


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Global Perspectives G9 Aug to Oct

I think that the past 8 weeks have gone by really quickly in GPers. We have been learning a lot about ourselves, more specifically our Values and Beliefs. From talking about what is identity, what the difference is between nature and nurture, to how society’s define us, we have been talking about a range of subjects which are all interconnected with each other. In the end, we had to link up all of what we have learnt. We had to draw a Mandala: A drawing which contains symbols which represent our personality traits, and also write an essay to accompany the sketch and explain the reason why we drew what we did. Unfortunately, I hurt my dominant hand, so was not able to complete the full Mandala, but I did do the essay to the best of my ability.

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My Language World Blog Post

I chose mine to be on Pages as I felt that I would have more freedom with my presentation, and even though it might not look appealing, I coloured the paragraphs I wrote specifically and logically. I tried my best to colour the text which was similar the same. Sometimes, I just included my own definitions, but other times, I talked about the experiences that I have been through. I am pretty happy with my work.

When I heard that we were doing a post on this topic, I was quite interested and excited. If I am being honest, the only way I would be able to understand the community was by doing something like this, and delving deeper into our society. I learnt a lot of things, especially of how languages have such a big impact on the world, and on our own personal identity.

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High School Currently 6/9/18

From the start, I knew that High School would be a tough place, with a lot of challenges and homework, but quite fun too. I was shocked in the first week, as we had TWO orientation days. I thought I had struck gold, but it wasn’t meant to be. After that week, the next few were packed, and so is this week. In Spanish, we have had at least one test every week, and in Mathematics, we have had to write a Mathematical Report, which is very tedious. One thing which I prefer from Middle School would be that we, on average, use our computers. Even with English, we are writing quite a lot of paragraphs on Identity on the computer. I can see that there is a link between Global Perspectives and English. At both, we are talking about our feelings, values, and what the true definition of Identity is. In addition to that, I have signed up to participate in a few activities. The activities consist of: Model United Nations for High School – Intermediate 1, Asian Children’s Education and the South East Asian Math Competition Training group. Even though I might not get into the squad of 3 for the Math competition, I will still try my best and stay committed. Worst case, it is still information which will eventually be useful to me. The Asian Children’s Education is a Global Concern, which I will have to do all year round. This is a big challenge for me, as I have never done a GC for the whole year, without skipping classes intentionally. Although, this time, I do have a few friends who are joining me, so it will be fun.

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What is your favourite font, and why?

This is quite an interesting question, as I believe that the font that you choose depends on the context, and how you want to express yourself to the reader. Currently, I would like to keep this font that I am writing, because it portrays a formal tone, which is the attitude I want to uphold in this post. Also, there are basic fonts in certain applications which are automatically selected, such as Arial and Helvetica. This is because these fonts are very familiar to a vast amount of people, and are easy on the eye. Slowly, us as a society, have started to accept that these are simplistic fonts. More importantly, we, subconsciously, believe that fonts such as a Handcrafted Americus font would be quite elaborate.Image result for Fonts