Writers Fortnight Reflection

“Our student-writers rose to the challenge, producing authentic, responsible and powerful pieces.” How far does this describe your experience? Consider the insights [to journalistic storytelling, to our community] that you gained, and the personal rewards and challenges of the process.   I really enjoyed the Writers Fortnight task. I was able to gain valuable information […]

ReCycle Service

Hello! A few weeks ago, I started to come to a service called ReCycle. Initially, I was confused as to what we had to do. Luckily, I had a few friends (Omer, Aman, Rashad, Reon) to help me and guide me along the way of restoring old cycles. I find this service really fun as […]

Writers Fortnight Essay

The Ineffective Bandage to a Problem Affecting 7% of our Youth   As of September 30, 2018, there are an estimated 437,465 children in foster care in the United States. This number shoots up to 140,000,000 children all around the world. These children are normally around 7 or 8 years old, and their parents have […]

English Writers Fortnight

First Talk on Nepal: In this talk, I heard a University Counsellor talk about one of the biggest mistakes in US admission history. Around 50/60 Nepali students got promised a full scholarship from a certain US university. They got an email saying that they were accepted, but then in April, it got revoked. They went […]

My Significant Learning so far…..

I strongly think that something which I have learnt which is invaluable to me would be the skill of multitasking. From the start, I have had to multitask, mainly because I have a lot of Academic Goals to get, a lot of Homework, and have a leadership role in my Global Concern. Added up, I […]


At the start of G9, we had to set a few SMART goals for ourselves. These goals would be: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Realistic T – Timely I decided to have a range of Academic goals, but Fitness goals too! They are as follows: Aim to consistently get […]

Global Perspectives G9 Aug to Oct

I think that the past 8 weeks have gone by really quickly in GPers. We have been learning a lot about ourselves, more specifically our Values and Beliefs. From talking about what is identity, what the difference is between nature and nurture, to how society’s define us, we have been talking about a range of […]

My Language World Blog Post

I chose mine to be on Pages as I felt that I would have more freedom with my presentation, and even though it might not look appealing, I coloured the paragraphs I wrote specifically and logically. I tried my best to colour the text which was similar the same. Sometimes, I just included my own […]

High School Currently 6/9/18

From the start, I knew that High School would be a tough place, with a lot of challenges and homework, but quite fun too. I was shocked in the first week, as we had TWO orientation days. I thought I had struck gold, but it wasn’t meant to be. After that week, the next few […]

What is your favourite font, and why?

This is quite an interesting question, as I believe that the font that you choose depends on the context, and how you want to express yourself to the reader. Currently, I would like to keep this font that I am writing, because it portrays a formal tone, which is the attitude I want to uphold […]