#EE Day

One thing I’ve learned today is the importance of synthesis in my writing; being able to explicitly show the interdisciplinary nature of my essay through my writing requires me to also think in an interdisciplinary manner. Although I didn’t write much today, the biggest thing I took away was how to change my thinking and to make the mental connections between the subject rather than just write about one subject for half of my essay then write about the other half on the other subject. 


What I’m proud of most today is my resilience. Inspiration on what to write wasn’t coming to me and instead of me trying to force an answer to my question or to waffle 2 or 3 paragraphs, I stayed calm, spoke to teachers and let my essay come to me. Even though this may sound as though I was being lazy, I’ve come to realise that the EE is not about the essay, but about the thought process; it’s about understanding the disciplines better and seeing not only the real-life applications but also realising the interconnectedness.


My next step, or goal is to definitely write and complete my introduction. The introduction sets the tone for the rest of the essay, and I feel as though once I start it right, I’ll be on my way; I always have trouble starting things, but once I get going, the rest of the work just seems to flow naturally.


I’m really thankful for this day, because it gave me a chance to just think, and to really try and understand what I want to achieve in my essay. #buzzbuzz

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