MINDS Service fitness and fun LO2

In MINDS, my new service I have been selected as chair of the service which is a new opportunity for me to lead, challenge myself, and develop new skills that can be applied to many situations. During this service, I have begun to develop new skills by self-managing my time outside of the service in order to complete tasks that need to be done before our next meeting. For example, I have been editing an introduction video that will be sent to our service partners to get an idea for who they are working with. It has also helped me with some skills as I have been using my creativity and organizational skills to get these things done.

Inkling Literary Magazine LO3

This is my first time taking part in a literary activity where I have been able to challenge my thinking and effectively plan during sessions to help improve my writing and literature skills. I believe this to be a good activity where I have been able to take initiative and plan because of some of the writing I have done within the activity. For example, I created a mindmap with a few other students on possible writing topics following a prompt and effectively laid out my thinking process through a mindmap. This also represents initiative as during this activity I led the discussion for potential topics to write about and also wrote up some of my own ideas within the group.


What am I good at? What are my strengths? LO1

I have been swimming on the school swim team for close to eight years now and because of this, I have had to endure long after-school sessions every day for years. I have been able to develop my time management and organizational skills as a result of this and I believe that it is the reason I have been able to manage workload while still continuing to keep up my training. I also believe that I have strengths in collaboration as I have been with the team for a long period of time and have learned to work and collaborate with others on a very personal and professional level which is something I believe can be applied to a classroom setting as well.

CAS Timeline (2020-2021)


This is the plan that I have created for myself detailing my potential CAS plan for the next year.


For the creative aspect I have decided that the best idea would be to continue something that I have done in the past, and for me, that is the guitar. I used to play the guitar a few years ago but was never very interested in taking exams so I played for fun and to learn new songs. I think the guitar could be a good way to fill out CAS requirements.


For my activity aspect, I chose to do swimming because I have been on the school swim team for the last 7-8 years and decided that it is best to continue because I can monitor my physical wellbeing while participating in a sport that I enjoy as well. Swimming takes up most of my time training around 7 times a week after school, leaving me no time for other activities.


Finally, my service aspect. To fulfill my school service requirement I have decided to partake in sustainabrew. I was a member of the sustainabrew service last year and enjoyed the aspect of using sustainable products to create drinks that also provided benefits to other services and hope to continue with them this year. The alternative would be to do urban gardening because it is also related to the idea of sustainable consumption and gardening responsibly. As for global concern, I have decided to return to Blue Dragon. I took part in Blue Dragon in grade eight and was the chair as well. I took a break in grades nine and ten but think that it is time to return to the service.