What is significant about Mildred’s response? How has this night affected Montag?

Montag tries to tell Mildred about what happened that night to the old woman and her books. Examine their exchange on pp 28-30. What is significant about Mildred’s response? How has this night affected Montag?


Mildred seems to be unfazed by the fact that a woman was burned right in front of Montag’s face. Montag considered taking time off work because he wants to understand. He is unable to comprehend and understand why the woman chose to stay inside of the burning house and he thinks to himself, what is it about books that made her want to stay inside of the house. Mildred however, is opposed to the idea of him taking time off and seems to think “how a majority of the community thinks”, she follows the principle that books are bad and that the woman who was reading them and had them stored was a simple-minded person.


Montag seems to be quite affected by this night, he describes his hands as a poison and after he steals the book which he keeps under his pillow, he tries to talk to his wife and draw support from her through their conversation which begins when he asks her about how they met. Mildred also takes a lot of sleeping pills and Montag does not seem to connect with her as much anymore.

Book burning in Nazi Germany ELP post

Where books are burned, in the end, people will be burned.” (Heinrich Heine, German poet, 1821)

After watching this short film about the infamous book burning in Germany in 1933, consider what motivated people to burn books. What kinds of books were burned? How can books constitute a form of threat to certain governments?

I believe that based on this video, that the reason that people were burning books was out of fear. The Nazi soldiers understood that books expressed freedom and the expression of ideas and personally I believe that scared them and this is what caused them to want to burn books in the first place. These Nazi’s in Germany have expressed their fear of education from other countries and ideas from outside Germany, as stated in the video. This tells me that they are trying their best to suppress the idea of German people learning more about the outside world because they fear what their minds could do. The society in Germany was very controlled and Hitler wanted to keep power, if people had access to books and used them to expand their thinking, he may not have done so. Books by authors such as Hellen Keller and Ernest Hemingway were among those burned.

Books constitute threats to governments because they threaten to spark ideas and give people perspective. The government knew this and was scared of its potential to do so, hence the fact why they burned the books. They tried to educate society into believing that everything German was the way to think, by blocking access to material and reading from outside, this is what they believed. During the holocaust a few years later, it was clear that Germans believed in their superiority.


Dystopia ELP Post

Describe what a “dystopian world” means. The Google definition for the word dystopian “is relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice.” A dystopian world can be a world that exists in a different time or place to ours and has a different society than ours. In f451 for example, the world is dystopian because it is a fictional setting, different to the world we currently live in where society has changed.

Consider why writers might use these worlds in their fiction. These worlds are good for fiction writing as writers get to imagine how the world is to them. By using their own thoughts and ideas, they can envision a society and world that they want to set their stories in, and because of this can create characters and scenarios that they feel would the context best and make for interesting stories.

What have you read or watched that could be classified as dystopian? f451 is a good example of Dystopia. There is a TV show that I have seen before called the100 based in a futuristic nuclear war setting which could also be considered dystopian.

Consider your own personal views about censorship and freedom of speech. How would you explain your beliefs to someone outside of our class?

During my discussion with my group about freedom of speech, it was very general. I looked at the idea of why governments or companies would want to censor things and what kind of things would people want to talk about.


One example that came to mind when discussing the idea of freedom of speech is the protests and riots happening in the US in response to the killing of George Floyd. It is clear that people are speaking up and acting on what they believe in and are trying to get justice for Floyd. But now it seems that people have crossed the point of justice and have reached a state where they are looting and burning down innocent stores that seemingly have no connection. To me, this looting and these responses are necessary in order to show the government how willing people are to get justice. But I also agree that maybe the people in the US may have too much privilege to be able to go outside and protest violently and that maybe some form of censorship should be required from the government in order to help keep people safe. I also think that in a place like Singapore, censorship is very abundant especially when it comes to free speech. The government wants to keep control and peace to avoid jeopardizing the safety of other people.


Personally I believe that freedom of speech is extremely important because people have a right to their opinion and just because the government thinks it is best to censor ideas, it may not always be the best thing. I think that people should be allowed to say what they want because they are entitled to it. I do however believe that some form of censorship is required in order to keep people safe. For example, peaceful protests should be allowed in Singapore, but the moment someone is injured or some form of property damage occurs, the government should be able to step in and control people.

What is your reaction to the idea that no one in that society is allowed to read books?

My reaction to the idea of people not being able to read books is very shocked. I believe that books are good ways to learn and understand culture in a new and different way. Books are ways that authors can creatively express themselves through stories and I believe that society needs them to function and operate. Books are sources of hope and inspiration which people use for themselves. A society without books is truly a disappointing one. I believe that a future without books would cause society to fail because of the heavy influence that stories have had on the modern world and pop culture.


The first book I hope would not be found on the list is Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Although a children’s book, this is one of the books that really got me interested in reading and I feel like it is always a nice book to think about because it was something that I really loved reading years ago, having so much sentimental value would make it really hard to have banned.


The second book would be Maze Runner. This is a book that also held a special place in my heart when I was younger because it was a step in getting me to read more complicated books. I would read it all the time and it would be hard to see it be a forbidden book.


The third book is To Kill a Mockingbird. This was a book I read for English and I enjoyed it much more than I thought. To me, this book was a bridge between the past and the present. Bringing many historic connections between the 19th century and today’s world. It also showed the disparity and change that has happened over time.


Charlie and the Chocolate factory. This is one of my favorite books of all time and I think it is because I loved watching the movie as a kid and I loved reading the books even more. Roald Dahl was also an incredible author. The crazy idea is what made me feel so intrigued by the story and I think that this is the main reason I loved it so much.


Finally, The Giver was one of the stories and books that I enjoyed because it was set in a slightly dystopian setting. It was interesting to me to see how authors can manipulate different settings and show a futuristic and different reality. This really peaked my interest in dystopian and alternate versions of the world. It was one of my favorite books.


What Role Does Poetry Play in Your Life?

Poetry is something that does not play a big part in my life outside of English lessons, however, I do believe that poetry has very interesting elements in it regarding literary techniques. Poets are able to utilize these techniques to pass messages through their poetry very efficiently.


How do you experience poems?

Poems can be experienced in many different ways. I think that one of the things that make poems special is the fact that they can be interpreted in many different ways and it all depends on the reader. I think the poet always has an issue or topic that they want to write about and the reader can interpret these in different ways. This is how I like to interpret poems as well because I feel as if I am finding the deeper meaning of the poem, and by finding this deeper meaning I can better understand what the poet is trying to say.


Do you turn to them for inspiration or joy?

I think that poems can be interpreted in both ways as mentioned earlier, but personally I think that I turn towards poems during times of inspiration. I do this because I think that there is a lot that can be passed on from poem to poem. Personally, I believe poems are a great way to be inspired. I can see an issue or topic discussed within a poem and use that as inspiration for my own work. Poetry helps to reach and discuss deeper issues within a topic and by using other poetry as inspiration for my own reading/writing I will have the opportunity to understand it better.


Overall I believe poetry is one of the more unique forms of writing coming in many different forms. Poetry discusses many different issues in life and is done so through the perspective of the poet. This means that it can come in many different forms and can be written in many different ways. To me, poetry is something that can be used to learn new things and view different topics from nee perspectives. People who wrote poetry can write from all different emotion points which is what makes it so interesting to me. It can change between who writes it and how it is written.

How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The coronavirus outbreak has brought many changes into society and as such adaptation is necessary in order to keep safe and healthy. Helping others during the coronavirus outbreak is easier said than done. I believe that during these times people are more focused on protecting themselves and their families first because people are scared and worried for their health and wellbeing, but I believe that as people have put in these precautionary measures with their families then people may begin to extend their kindness to other people in society.


For example, the United States had a huge problem with bulk buying supplies. This led to a shortage of supplies, mainly medical supplies such as masks. One way that I have seen people helping online is by holding drives or ordering masks from out of the country to try and donate these masks to hospitals and clinics who are helping to fight and help people impacted by the disease.


To conclude, people have the ability to help others during the times of the coronavirus, but as many have seen the top priority has been protecting their families first. If people were to help each other it would have to be something that could help benefit society. One of the simple ways of doing this would be to help provide equipment and supplies to healthcare workers or people who have been impacted by the virus. This is something that can help everyone feel safer and have a better experience. It is important to help others during these times because it is better to give and receive help, rather than shut everyone out.

Some argue that advertising is a corrupting and manipulative influence in our lives. To what extent do you feel this is true or untrue?

I believe that advertising was not intended to be a corrupt and manipulative influence within people’s lives, but instead has been transformed into this through the media. As the world has continued to industrialize, advertising and media have changed along with it. This is the reason that people may consider it to be unethical and dishonest.


I believe that this is true under certain circumstances. I believe that advertising was never meant to have a malicious effect on its viewers but it all depends on a few factors. What is being advertised, who is advertising it and why is it being advertised. These are probably the three most important things to take into account when looking at advertisements. For example, an ad by Apple will be trying to advertise their new product. Since it is a well-known brand people know that they are reliable and trustworthy and they retain their brand recognition. People would most likely know from past experience that there is most likely no malicious intent because they are providing a newer version of a product that people have already had and experienced in the past.


An example of where advertising could be seen as malicious is if the company who is advertising is advertising their product very aggressively or dishonestly. The most common example are the “as seen on TV” ads. These usually consist of cheaply made products but are advertised extremely well with fake reviewers and reactions to their product. Another example of these are sponsored content that influencers post on their stories. The products are usually considered “free” where you pay a lot of money for the shipping. These are corrupt and malicious companies that are trying to rip off people, especially children by getting them to buy their cheaply made products.


Overall advertising and intent all depend on the three factors mentioned above and it varies depending on many factors.

What songs matter to you now?

I listen to a variety of music genres that matter to me differently. The majority of the music I listen to is rap although I do listen to pop and R&B music occasionally as well. I enjoy listening to rap music because of the melody and music in the background. The artists also have interesting and different vocals that cover an array of issues ranging from their previous struggles in life to the lavish lifestyle they now live.


One of my favorite songs is by an artist that I have been listening to for a while now. The song is Me and My Guitar by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. The song itself has a great melody that makes it nice to listen to and paired with A Boogie’s vocals, make the song sound very good and enjoyable. The reason I like this song is because of the elements the artist has incorporated into the lyrics. At first seemingly about heartbreak, but as the song progresses he talks about his friends in jail and about how he has freedom outside. This is definitely one of my favorite songs because it isn’t the traditional style rap song but instead incorporates more modern melodies to give the song an interesting feel.


Another one of the songs that I am currently listening to is The Box by Roddy Ricch. This song has its similarities to the previous song but instead uses one of the most unique melodies in a song. The artist used his own vocals within the background music to create a unique sounding song. Paired with the aggressive and powerful vocals, the song has a slightly more traditional feel to it while still holding on to many modern aspects and ideas.


Overall I believe that there are many songs that matter to me now but these are some of the ones that I have been listening to for a while now and I find them interesting and unique in their own ways.