G10- Which perspective do I agree with

Out of the three potential options to choose from, I would say that I agree the most with option 2 which is “responsibility is shared by all.” I believe this to be the perspective that I agree with the most because everyone on earth has somehow contributed to climate change in some way or form. It is unreasonable to punish people based on the amount of carbon that has been released because so many people have impacted the earth, that doing so would target a large part of society.


I believe that by sharing responsibility humans can work together to create reform for climate change and that governments can create new laws that will make it so that emissions are reduced. This is why I believe that this is the best of the three solutions. Mainly because this is the mist realistic one with the power to actually create change.


I think that the first course of action would be similar to what Greta Thunberg is doing now and that is protesting to gain the attention of world leaders who are the main people that can help countries stop and lower their emissions. I believe this is the best way to start because it has already worked and now people are noticing the change that the younger generation is having and how they want to stop climate change. I then think that it is up to world leaders to find the major solutions, but, it is up to the citizens of a country to follow those solutions so that the issue of climate change can be tackled but it requires a joint effort.

How Al-Qunun used social media

I learned that social media is a very useful tool to spread awareness about certain situations because it can help someone to gain attention and to spread awareness about certain issues. Al-Qunun specifically utilized it well because she was able to gain a following as a result of using Twitter to share her story. I also learned that people can use social media as a platform to find support.

How Greta Thunberg is an Inspiration to young people through the internet

Group Members- Anaya, Jinee, Zara


Greta Thunberg is an inspiration for young people everywhere on how best to harness the power of the internet


This task was to talk about how Greta Thunberg has used social media as a tool to create a platform for change. My group and I discussed how she has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize for the work that she has done to combat climate change. She has done a lot using the internet in a positive way to promote the fight against climate change as well.

How is Digital Technology Changing The Way We Think?

How is Digital Technology Changing The Way We Think?

6 March 2019



article link. 

As an overview for our article, it is about how taking photos and using technology impacts our ability to remember moments. This is what we talk about and discuss in the voice recording linked above.


I think that digital technology is definitely changing the way that we think, and the way that people in general are thinking. Based off of the learning that we did in class after watching the three videos that related to how google could be affecting our memory, I can see that technology and the internet are playing parts in impacting our memory and even going beyond that as to affecting our brains and the way that we think about things. Personally it is disturbing to think that something that I do on a daily basis could be contributing to potentially be detrimental towards my memory. And with relations to my article that I discussed, it is the same thing. Taking photos to remember moments is something that I do a lot, and to think by taking photos it is actually making us think less, is quite weird to think about. Personally I believe that the world is too reliant on technology and this is what is causing these problems to arise in the first place. I believe that technology has defintely changed our way of thinking, and even extending beyond that to say that it has changed the way that we live.