Can breaking those habits be good for planet earth?

Because of COVID-19, lockdowns were put into place very early in some places. Since people were staying home, less coal was being used as businesses and buildings shut down. This has caused the planet to heal at a very quick rate because fewer people are consuming resources and the environment is being impacted less than normal.


During these times people have broken away from their normal habits and because of this have allowed the environment to heal and it has allowed for change to happen. In the future it is clear that people will return to their old habits once lockdowns and other protocols have been lifted, but for now we understand and observed that breaking away from our normal habits has had positive impacts on the environment.


overall, breaking away from our habits during these lockdown times has given us the opportunity to see how the environment can heal and now we know that it is possible because people are staying home and consuming fewer energy resources that contribute to the harm of the environment.

What Lockdown has taught me about my home: Does our national character come out in a time of crisis?

In this post, I would like to address how lockdown has brought many different changes to me and my life. During this circuit breaker period, I have had extensive time to read, review and understand myself better because I have been stuck at home all day and it has always been something that has caught my attention.


I have noticed that my national character has come out during these times because I have felt the added urge and responsibility to do my part and stay home to help combat this virus. This has really shown throughout this time because I have never really had to do anything similar to this before.


I think that I have also felt very compelled to wear a mask when going outdoors and maximize social distancing. I think that this is because I have felt the necessity to be safe, but it is also because I want to help keep other safe and I think that these times have been a good example of how people have learned to adapt but follow rules and regulations effectively.


Overall I do agree with the statement and I do feel that my national character has come out during this time and I think that it will always be here because of these experiences because it has taught me to experience situations differently.

Personal Statement

When I was eight years old, I had the biggest change in my life. I moved schools. I was scared and sad to leave my friends behind. Up till that point, I had never moved anywhere, I was used to my routines and I had never done anything like this before. I was always the youngest in my old school and it always felt weird to me when I was around people that were older than me. This move was intimidating and I was frustrated at my parents for making me move, however, in the back of my mind I maybe hoped to make new friends and have new opportunities. Maybe this move would be for the better and I could benefit positively from this.


To me, life is a journey that you can not prepare for but instead, it is a journey of experiences that happens when it does. When I think about the future it is unclear to me what it holds and personally, I am excited by that. The move allowed me to be more open to change and it was the right step in allowing me to see change as being a positive thing rather than a negative one. Another thing that the school move helped me with regarding the future is that it taught me how to be independent and resilient because moving anywhere for the first time was a big challenge but as I overcame that I was able to learn these skills which are skills that will stick with me for life.


The way I plan to achieve my aspirations would be to learn from new experiences and to accept change as a positive experience that will ultimately lead to a positive outcome. In this case, by experiencing more and learning to accept change I will be able to be more confident and I will be more independent which are two important skills for the future which, no matter where I go will always be useful.


What I have learned from my Service this season

This season I took part in the service “Climate Change and Green Energy.” A college service that is about raising awareness and trying to educate people in school about what is climate change. This season I have had the opportunity to understand the issue of climate change on a much deeper and complex level. I have been separated into a group with two other people and we will be creating multiple infographics over the course of the next season to spread awareness about campus initiatives such as veggie Wednesday, how much CO2 is saved using these initiatives, how can people help at home and many other things.

One thing that I would like to do in the future is to develop my creativity skills which I think making infographics can help me do. It is also a useful skill for me to have to help me with my graphic design subject. I would like to explore more consequences that climate change has on our life and I would like to spread awareness in my service about these issues.

Influences and Perspectives on my gender

What has influenced your perspectives about your gender?

Something that I feel has deeply influenced my perspective on gender is school. After going through many grades before and having life skills classes in middle school where we talked about these issues I think that after we looked at these things last year, for example, looking at how gender does not have to define the types of things we have to use or the types of things we have to do. Looking at my own gender and how life skills, for example, has changed my perspectives on it, it has shown me that gender doesn’t have to necessarily fit into the stereotypes that people make it out to be. My perspectives have been influenced by the school and how going through my life here with different teachers and activities has influenced that. Whether I want to do something that stereotypically someone of my gender would not do, I have learned that that shouldn’t stop me.


How have my academics been this year compared last year

This year has been a big change as compared to last year. Last year our academics were not based on what each individual wanted. The arts and our humanities were a less spaced out and not specific to what each person needed. Last year we covered different units in humanities which may have been similar to things we do in Gpers this year or maybe in History. Instead of being more spread out depending on what each individual student wanted to learn, everyone had to learn the same things. I feel that this year since each person can choose what they want to learn it makes it better for them as now they learn what they found particularly interesting. This year I chose to do enterprise and I wanted to focus more on business and other aspects as opposed to the historical or geographical units which we started to look more into in middle school. As a result of choosing specific humanities, this means that the work os more specifically focused on a specific area and follows a theme throughout.


The second change that is different compared to last year is the fact that we have chosen a specific art compared to the 3/4 that we had last year. In the specific art that we have chosen, we have it twice a week and have more expected work for outside of class. Something that not only affects our art choice but also our humanities choices is the fact that we now follow the Cambridge IGCSE system and we are preparing to learn the syllabus and preparing for the exams that we will be writing in 2020.


Personally, I have found that these academics have been more challenging and as the coming week’s progress, it will only get harder. I feel that I will need to time manage my self better as well. The difference compared to middle school is that now we have an end goal that we are working towards (being the exams) but before we only had to work towards our reports.


Overall this year has been a much bigger change for academics as now we have more specific subjects and the end exams for the course in 2020 the amount of work for us to do is more and now we have also had a choice in what we personally wanted to do.

What has been the most influential meme of your generation and what does that say about your generation


I feel that memes have affected almost everyone on the internet. Many memes online have caused controversies and have sparked discussions in the news and all across the internet. However certain memes seem to have a lasting effect on certain people of a certain place, age or even generation.

In the video that I used as a reference, it talks about how memes have been affected by people taking it and using it in different ways, for example, “10 hour” videos. These get millions of views and since these videos are 10 hours people don’t always watch it but since it repeats, so many people tend to lose interest in the meme after a while, this is why only certain memes have a lasting effect on certain communities like the “Tide pod challenge” which could not really be 10 hour long clips but something like Nyan cat could. this is a reason why the meme died off faster.