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I think that my relationship with poetry is quite diverse, I feel that poetry is a very hard topic to understand as you have to be able to understand the context in which the writer is writing about. I feel that my relationship with poetry is quite mysterious in some ways. On one hand, I understand the way that a poem is written based on the language and figurative language that is used to write it, but I feel that analysing the meaning of a poem is much harder. If the context is not understood properly, as well as the perspective of the writer it is quite difficult to understand what the author is writing about.

I feel that my understanding of poetry has lead me to further understand the way a poem is written because now I know the different things that a poem must consist of when one is being written. I feel that this is an important factor as I will be able to understand how to better write a poem and be able to better understand what the components and meaning of a poem is.

I feel that I am struggling with identifying the contextual understanding of a poem,  I’m not able to understand what the writer is talking about if she is writing about a certain event using a metaphor, since I have trouble with this I think that I have to look at the poem from a new perspective so that I am able to develop my understanding of a poem. My goal is to be able to analyse a poem with a good amount of detail, as well as write a poem with good use of figurative language.

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