Moving forward, I would like to ensure that I am phrasing each of my points in a clear and concise manner to support the structure of my essay. Specifically, I need to work on unpacking and analyzing the language choices involved in the print ad by going into further detail, such as mentioning the idiolect and characterization of the visuals involved. Although, I have noticed that I have made some small grammatical errors throughout the essay that I need to take note of for future essay writing. For instance, instead of using the word emboldened, I chose to use the word embolded- which is grammatically incorrect. Not to mention, some of my points are not fully explained and only analyze what is on the surface of the print ad instead of showing a deeper understanding of the text written on the page. Overall, I have made some clear observations of the print ad – even though I did not have the time to fully take into account the visual aspects of the ad. Therefore, I need to work on my time management skills by perhaps keeping my topic sentences and explanations straightforward.

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