Maths and Me

Hello. My name is Gus O’Brien, this is my 10th year at UWCSEA East. Answering the last question, there’s nothing you really need to know about me, but I am on the swim team, so throughout the year I sometimes will be absent to swim around South East Asia. I did quite well on my IGCSE math last year. I enjoy math and I want to improve as many of my subject choices use math and my areas of interest all heavily involve math. I’m excited to start math this year as I am eager to do better than any of my other years. I enjoy solving questions when I know how to solve them. Often with a bit of practice, I can understand any topic. When learning math I like first being loosely taught it, then practicing by myself. If I don’t understand I first reverse the answer and try to figure out where I went wrong and then practice it with more questions. If I still don’t understand I have no problem asking the teacher or a friend; by struggling myself I often find it easier to follow along with the explanation.


I think I’m quite good at logically solving a problem, and once I’ve understood the means of an answer I can apply it to other question quite easily. Once I’ve immersed myself in a difficult question I often have to solve it, which I guess makes me persistent. I’m pretty organized which means I know when thing are due and are meant to be done. The part I struggle with is actually sitting down and just doing math as practice, consistent habit is something I want to improve not only in math but in all my subjects.

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