IGCSE Final Project Coursework

This is my submission of the final project, I decided to recreate and improve a Bluetooth speaker to suit the needs of my target client. The final project is a amalgamation of the learning in IGCSE Design Tech throughout the 18 months of learning. The coursework happens over a time period of a year in which I needed to go through the design process of designing a product that solved a need for a target audience or client. The coursework combines creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills with digital literacy with assistance of modern age technology to create the best possible solution. Through applied theory and investigation in combination with design, design technology blurs the line between science and art. The rigorous course also requires us to document and show every step of the process, from the concept to the final product, in the form of a roughly 40 page A3 log. Highlighting both the high and lows, the problems I overcame, the success that I achieved; This document is the embodiment my year within the design process.

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