Swimming Goals // Beginning of the year

Goals are important, especially in a sport in which require a lot of training. Its easy to forget what it’s all for, goal setting sheets help keep focus through the tough times. It’s early season, so these goals will be an insight into the rest of the year (in terms of swimming). Being specific to what is wanted in combination with what can be achieved is the key to successful goal setting. In terms of effort given this year, I admit swimming will not be my highest priority, but nerveless swimming will always be important to balance out the rest of my life. In this reflection sheet I really need to emphasis the process goals, which include goals outside of swimming such as lifestyle goals; including sleep and organization.


Where do you see your swimming career going? What are your aspirations (as a swimmer)? And how do you intend to get there?

Dream goals are difficult in swimming as I need to sit down and really think about the future, it’s easy to say something like “the Olympics” or even “A National Medal” . The problem lies within the realism for me to put in that type of effort with addition of all my other commitments (CAS included). If we’re being honest with ourselves we can agree that while it would be nice to excel at swimming, my future lies within other areas. This isn’t to say that swimming is not important for me to get to where I want to go; swimming is greatly useful in helping me relax, and organize my time better and more efficiently. It’s benefits greatly outweigh the latter. This being said there are certain aspects within the swimming requirements that need to be considered; the fact that I need to commit to such a great deal of time with little slack, in addition to my other commitments is unrealistic. Therefore my goals around swimming will be based around an “as much as I can given my other life” mindset rather than (as some people would prefer) “swimming takes priority” one. This means, as long as I don’t have other commitments, swimming will always be the option, but in the case I have (almost) anything else that will be beneficial to my life in other areas, training will have to take a back seat; even if it’s at the expense of my future as a swimmer. This being said, we can think about the ideal near future (until the end of Grade 12). It would look something like this: Making a SNAGS Final is definitely an achievable goal with support, a step up from there would be of course placing within the meet. If we’re thinking larger, a huge achievement would be the world cup finals, for my better events. 

What are your goals for the rest of the year?  


Outline a few process goals within not only your life as a swimmer but also your life around swimming. 


What will training,meets and holidays look like?

What are the fastest swimmers from your country (at your age group level) swimming for your events? 

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