Shopping Bag Aid // Mini Project

During this project we were tasked with creating a product to aid in the task of carrying plastic bags. It’s an introduction to problem analysis, prototyping, formatting pages, working in the design tech labs, learning the grading criteria, among other things. These skills will come in use later when we finally start our major project.

During this project I’m most proud about my organization skills, compared to previous years I really managed my time well hitting every deadline and handing in the work with minimal stress. A large part of this contribution would be my prior planning, even before I had all the resources to fill in, I was already formatting the page and doing as much as I could. For now there’s really very little I could improve on, my worry is that I won’t be able to constantly put this amount of effort into every piece of work as the workload increases. But as of now this work ethos and performance is the benchmark.


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