TTS Merlions Meet at OCBC Aquatics // Swimming

2nd Place for 50m Breaststroke at TTS Merlions Meet

Recently I attended the annual TTS Merlions meet, this was held at the OCBC aquatics center. I overall thought it was a good early-season meet for myself as I don’t usually swim early season meets well. There were some disappointments, but my 50m breaststroke was really quite good scoring 2nd place and making a new PB of 32.1 (I think). Overall, swimming wise, it was a good insight into some improvements that need to be to be made in the future.

As well as swimming I was also photographer, taking multiple photos of team-members on podium. This being said OCBC has some tough requirements on who can be on deck at once and often times I was not allowed to be by poolside.

As team captain I really wanted to take this as an opportunity to motivate and “bond the team”. Towards the end of the day I started a few team cheers and always tried to be as encouraging as possible, especially towards the younger swimmers who this may of been a really big meet.

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