Myers Briggs and Personality Analysis // PSE

I’ve been chosen as an ENFJ-A, which is characterised as a protagonist. While there are parts of this which I agree with there are others which don’t really sound that much like me. For example something that I agree with is the extraverted nature, I’m a pretty outgoing person and this makes sense for me as a whole. But some of the “initiative for good” and “selflessness” type thing doesn’t necessarily fit my ideologies and traits. I do believe I’m pretty self centered and sometimes egotistic, while I care for others somewhat I also care about myself and those close to me. I think things out sometimes but not others, and I don’t really think I’m that judgy of a person. I think I’m less of a “feeling” person, as I almost always make decisions in a thinking logical order, but often I think about being a better person and this can come off as kindness or empathy. I’ll usually (as they say) stand up for the people, and often will always say what others won’t. I do have a certain enthusiasm and positivity at times but I also wear out if I’m too social too often. In some aspects I see myself as a protagonist, but after looking through some of the other personality types the one that really stood out to be was the entrepreneur (ESTP). The reason for this was particularly the strengths and weaknesses, the strengths include being very direct, sociable, and perceptive. All of which people have told me I am. I’m also known to have similar weaknesses, of being risk-prone, insensitive, and defiant. The only part which doesn’t really fit, is I often like to plan out things, structure my plan of attack, and usually think about the larger picture. Overall it gave a nice insight into who I was, who I wanted to be, and what I could do to get from one to the other. It also made me more aware of possible weaknesses in my personality and how I could potentially improve.

E (78) = Extravert

N (71) = Intuitive

F (53) = Feeling

J (69) = Judging

A (60) = Assertive

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