• Extended Essay
  • Extended Essay // Initial Reflection (RC1)

    I knew from the beginning that I wanted a to do an EE on sustainability, living in one of the most sustainable places in the world, Singapore, it presented a unique opportunity. But also being very technology oriented I wanted to learn about how Singapore implements sustainable technologies and processes towards being a “greener” place. […]

  • Creativity
  • Photography // Dance Showcase 2019

    I was recently invited to take photos at the annual Dance Showcase, which gives students an opportunity to perform and show off their own creations. This years topic was “break free” which students could interpret in their own style. There were original pieces which emphasised themes such as: slavery, woman empowerment, mental health, and many […]

  • Service
  • Service // Service Chairs Visioning Conference

    On the 15th of February, I was graciously invited to the first service chair visioning conference, an student led opportunity to gather all the GC, Local and Global service leaders and discuss the future of service. It was the first-of-its-kind and from my standpoint I thought it was a really positive experience. Despite not really […]

  • Activity
  • CNY Break Check In

    CNY Break Evaluation More than half way through the academic year, I’m doing the second large reflection on the activities and services which I am a part of. I haven’t started anything new but I’ve kept with the same activities and services and further developed the skills and qualities within myself. I still enjoy all […]

  • Creativity
  • Kahaani 2019 Photo Opportunity

    Kahaani is a dance performance held at the East Campus, not only is it a showcase of students performance and dance skills but also aims to support the Kolkata GC. Kolkata GC¬†supports an organisation called Voice of World that helps visually impaired and orphaned children in the city of Kolkata. I was given the wonderful […]

  • Activity
  • Feeding Frenzy 2018 // Swimming

    Feeding Frenzy is an annual meet held in Bangkok attended by the East Dragons swim team every year. I think this was my 5th year attending the meet, and every year I always say it’s probably the most fun of the year. For multiple reasons. One, the atmosphere of Feeding Frenzy is different from many […]

  • Activity
  • FINA World Cup 2018 // Swimming

    During the middle of November I was given a chance to participate in the FINA world cup. This is kind of a big thing as the FINA world cup is an event held for some of the fastest swimmers in the world, world records holders and olympic champions. While I never intended to beat them […]

  • Service
  • Swimdonesia // SurfAid GC

    Swim4Life was an annually held event that raise funds for the global concern, SurfAid. This year on October 3rd 2018, it was reinvented as¬†Swimdonesia, a collaborative event held by 3 different GCs: SurfAid, Jakarta Street Kids, and Gili Eco Trust. The event was based of the previous idea of sponsored laps swimming but this year […]