I have always been fascinated with the way substances interact on the molecular level to give rise to living creatures. This boundary drawn between the living and the non-living is one that we still have not clearly observed. At the forefront of this research in deciphering the position of the fuzzy line is immunology or more specifically immunophenotyping which involves a detailed look not only on the chemical configuration of the markers identifying immune cells but also the responses they display in individuals. I started my internship as a Research Assistant at the Translational Immunology Institute in collaboration with the Duke-NUS Medical School and the Singapore General Hospital. My research project focuses on the pathway CPLs (Circulating Pathogenic-like Lymphocytes) have in causing the inflammatory response in juvenile arthritis. During the initial stages of planning, I encountered a significant problem; ensuring that I base my project on a question to which I need to develop an answer to across the stages of research in the coming months.



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