LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

When I had first joined the service and had taken the position of chair we were all talking about how our goal in this service was to create meaningful relationships with our service partners and help them have a fun Thursday afternoon where they could relax. Seeing how far we have come has been an immense pleasure but it wasn’t always a direct path to follow. The biggest challenge this past few months was keeping an upbeat and excited outlook during the sessions. This is because it took a while for all of us to switch from our stressed and busy school lives to a fun and creative space with Tampines MINDS. Sometimes it felt hard to be upbeat and ready to encourage others while constantly thinking over a bad grade or an argument with a friend that had happened earlier in the day.

I realised, however, that I didn’t have to that way. I wasn’t there to only encourage and make our partners smile. I was there for our partners to encourage us with their progress and make us smile with their sweet and upbeat nature. I realised that the meaning of service isn’t to unenthusiastically force yourself to do something but to share an incredible experience with people who might need help in any shape or form. The power of service shines through in Yoga Therapy with Tampines MINDS, now with the year drawing to a close, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity that has taught an immeasurable amount, lead me to overcome hurdles and undertake challenges but also for the friendships we made along the way with our yoga partners.



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