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How does chemistry link to psychology

As homework, we were tasked with making a poster/infographic that explains a connection between chemistry and another subject. I chose to do psychology, as chemistry has always been a fundamental aspect when it comes to studying the human brain.  

Me and Maths

My name is Maya and last year I completed the IGCSE CIM and AddMath courses. I would classify Mathematics as a hyperobject, full of concepts and ideas that reside outside of our imaginative realm. Maths is complicated, I don’t always understand… Continue Reading →

Singapore Assessment – Critical Project

Presentation for “Biodiversity loss in urban areas, rainforest restoration and urban gardening” in Singapore Biodiversity loss in Urban areas – MAYA-2kofpy0

Homework 2 Gpers

Why hasn’t poverty been eradicated yet? A sentence that every newly invested self-aware person complains about. “It should be so easy, we can just go and give them money”. Little do the people who think in this way know that… Continue Reading →

Drama devised performance – Reflection

Successes A Very clear depiction of each character, enhancing each individual portrayed and the one performing. This all went hand in hand with the required criteria. Our main theme was perfectly aligned with the aim of what we had to… Continue Reading →

Gpers Task 2 – Wealth and Poverty

Turkey was the country in which I was born and I still regularly visit it as all of my family lives there. Having known it for so long I’m able to evaluate the political, economic and social change that the… Continue Reading →

Economy and Environment – Enemies or Allies In today’s society, we constantly find ourselves in self-conflicting ideas and priorities, we have ended up with seemingly contradictory values that cannot function without the help of one another, a direct example of this is the tension between economic… Continue Reading →

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