Project week

Project week has been very straight forward and easy to plan. Despite some issues in the begging regarding our location and members, everything has run smoothly thus far. I, as the first aider, had to partake in the 9-hour training course where we learnt the basics of first aid and how to handle certain situations. As we are undertaking some dangerous activities such as hiking, rafting abseiling and caving, I had to learn how to be prepared for a wide range of possible problems.

As mentioned, we as a group have decided to do a much more activity-based project week, spending time having fun rather than doing service. Although we are building houses to fill out the service requirements, it is not the main focus of our trip. I personally am looking forward to the hiking and caving portions of our trip and somewhat dreading the rafting. I hate water and water-based sports but did not want to cause any controversy in the group so I just went along.

The members of my group have all worked collaboratively on the booking and planning of the trip. This contributes itself to the smooth and easy nature of the planning stage and hopefully lends itself to a successful project week.


Planning Document:

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