U19 B Team Volleyball final reflection (L01+L05)

Final reflection: After one season of volleyball, I definitely feel more confident in volleyball as compared to last year and I felt that I was able to gain a thorough understanding of the game and the different positions. I felt that I had got a lot more game time this year as compared to last year and this helped build my self confidence and self awareness for the things I need to work on, but also the things that I did well on. My spiking definitely improved as I was able to get the right timing at times, and I felt that our collective collaboration as a whole definitely increased. I was quite proud of myself (doesn’t usually happen in volleyball) that in our last game of the season, I was able to make a really good block as middle hitter at the net. It was also one of my first tries being a middle blocker in volleyball so I definite gained some new experience at new roles this time in volleyball. My bumps, receives and sets have definitely consolidated a lot and I am very much aware of the positioning of my arms, the leg, hip, body movements involved.

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