Half-Term reflection

Half-Term reflection

My main focuses this half term were, academic (all my subjects) and trying my best to get my work done to the highest of my ability and handed in on the correct due date. Activities, (Music, Grade 3 voice) and managing my time to be able to study for music exams as well as school work.  And my October break Sichuan trip, training and the overall decision for choosing this trip. First of all, the subjects I have chosen to study this year are, Global Perspectives, Music, Drama, and French (as well as the other compulsory subjects). So far I am enjoying the subjects I chose immensely, I don’t find them too challenging as I chose my subjects based on what I enjoy and know I can get work done well in from previous years. I am however having trouble with some of the compulsory subjects, i.e. chemistry, biology/physics, and maths, I have found these subjects challenging for quite a while, especially this year, but am trying my best to keep up with the rest of the class. Second of all, this year I am studying for grade 3 voice exams. The exams are also based on listening and theory, and as I don’t have a lot of knowledge on this, it can be slightly difficult to learn all of this information as well as improve my singing technique before the exams next year. However as I am taking music, it helps a lot with that, and is a way that I can ‘study’ and improve during school, so I don’t take up too much time outside school studying. Lastly, as part of grade 9, everyone must do one of the provided trips. I have chosen Sichuan which is supposedly one of the hardest trips offered. Sichuan is based in China, and involves activities such as meeting tibetan nomads, but for the most part is based on the 41k hike. I am most excited about experiencing something completely different to what I have already experienced on uwc trips, and also for the overall factor of doing something so challenging for myself. Training for this trip was difficult to keep up with at first, but over time I have gotten more used to training everyday and find that the exercises get easier.  Although grade 9 is extremely different from grade 8, I have found it way less hard to settle into, and am so far enjoying the changes from grade 8 to grade 9, and having more choice in what I like to study.

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