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  • Extended Essay Reflection 2

    After completing my initial submission of my EE, I was able to reflect on how my research strategies improved throughout the process. As it was an experiment based EE, selecting research studies that had similar facts and statistics to back up my conclusions was imperative. Especially when writing my conclusion, I felt I had conducted […]

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  • Kahaani- Post Show

    The Kahaani show went very well and I am very proud of what I achieved over the course of this season. Although I was extremely worried about my limitations because of my shoulder, I was able to push through and overcome those weaknesses and possibly turn them into my strengths. (LO2) I took the risk […]

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  • Sports Recognition Evening S1

    As part of the sports council something that comes as a part of our role as members of the council is planning the sports recognition evening. This night is solely for the recognition of athletes after their participation in a season. Awards such as MVP and MIP are given out to players recognised both by […]

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  • EE Writing Day

    After my first EE writing day today, I am proud of the work I have achieved. I researched into how my experiment was going to work and created a timeline for myself to start getting things done. I also made contact with possible people that are willing to be a part of my data collections. […]

  • Extended Essay
  • EE Initial Reflection

    Starting my EE research, I looked into several sports science and possible biology topics as to how to approach my question in terms of structure of my essay and how to investigate it. A main problem I have faced so far after speaking to my supervisors is the ethical implications that may come with writing […]

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  • Theatre Journal

    Which of your ideas of theatre have been reinforced by watching Candide?  Theatre represents specific themes or illusions Theatre explores social issues- uses of phones to live stream murders. Costumes make a specific character or group of characters stand out. What aspects of theatre did Candide make you rethink? Theatre needs to have a specific […]