Second Reflection EE – Sep 2018

For several days I was stuck with my research question and so I decided to change it. This decision was a consequence of a later realization that my topic was slowly leaning more towards a sociological aspect of the selected films rather than an analysis of the technique used to convey their messages, which is what an EE in Film really should be focused on. Changing my research question made my life easier but less exciting. The sources available for this new question were more and of a better quality but overall the question did not intrigue me as much as the original one. After receiving feedback from my supervisor, I understand that I focused my interest on a detailed report of cinematic techniques without really explaining the reason why exactly these have been adapted to communicate a certain idea. My next step is to explicitly link the ideas that the films want to communicate with the techniques used.

Project week reflection- after the trip

Project week has been a life-changing experience. 7 days immersed in the beauty of Laos, hiking mountains, kayaking along the Mekong river and visiting the city of Vientiane had contributed to make my trip extraordinary fun. What really made this trip unforgettable is the service me and my group did with the NGO SEO Lao. This no-profit organization based in a Vang Vieng, in centre run by volunteers, helps local farmers with the work in the field in the morning and takes the responsibility to organise english lessons in the afternoon for farmers’s kids. As a group, we’ve been involved in both activities. Teaching english to kids and also people of my age.

Project week reflection- before leaving.

First of June 2018: the day before the start of project week. Our flight is at 4 pm tomorrow and I still don’t realize we are actually leaving for Laos. The time since the first meeting for the planning of the trip literally flew: it seems yesterday when we chose our service, our destinations and supervisor. I am extremely excited for the highlight of this year!! During these months of preparation and planning, I learned a lot in terms of teamwork. I understood thanks to the several disagreements we had in our group, how important is to arrive at a deal to satisfy everyone equally. I feel our group (10) will not have many problems, at least not among ourselves, because we created with the time a strong bond that allows us confronting on everything. The thing that I am most concerned about is my health. For the last days, I have been under antibiotics since I had a an infections that weaken my body. Since we will do rafting, hiking and caving in the first two days I am worried I will not be in the best conditions to enjoy the most of this experience. Besides that, I am sure everything will go alright and this one will be one of the experiences that remain forever.



Global cooking class…ITALY!!

On the 16th of May, I joined primary school students for a cooking class! Global cooking is an activity run by Risa, a parent in school who weekly introduces a cousin from a new country to a group of students from grade 3 to 5. This Wednesday it was time for Italy so Risa contacted me to join the class on that day. It was a great experience for me because I made cooking all the kids a recipe my grandma used to make for me: gnocchi. I must admit it has been quite challenging keeping up with 20 kids excited about the yellow-soft dough and contemporary trying to replicate my childhood recipe which, despite all the good memories linked to it, I did not really remember. Here below some photos of the day with me and the kids cooking (maybe just playing) with extremely tasty gnocchi.

Initial EE reflection

This is my initial EE reflection. About a month ago, I had my first check-in session with my supervisor and, thanks to this first conversation, my ideas are much clearer now. The most challenging, but at the same time most helpful, part of work I’ve done is the final outline. It was hard for me to narrow down ideas because I had many and all of them interested me equally. In the end, I chose to focus on a film respect to another due to the greater amount of data and information that can be found about it. I’m ready to dive into the actual research process which I feel needs time and attention from my side because it will give me enough knowledge to start writing down the real EE.

Dear G11 exams…

That’s what I learnt from my relationship with you…

I think having these exams in April after two weeks of break was useful to get to know how IB exams work. Just sitting with all the whole grade like we were in the exam hall on the first day, where everyone was so serious and concentrate, made me feel under pressure. I personally did not like that environment but it is important to know how it is going to be like, no matter if you like it or not. Honestly, I don’t really like the exam air: it puts a lot of pressure on me and I tend to start thinking about everything that could go wrong. Strangely it did not happen a lot this week of exams (apart for math) but I’m scared for the future.

I think our relationship can work out with a bit of work from both sides: I’ll try to be as relaxed as possible and you will try to be as listening and helpful as possible.

Dance showcase – Final reflection

It was great. The show is over and the audience is enthusiastic of salsa Cubana. As soon as I walked on stage I  gave everything I had during those 3 minutes, really communicating joy and enthusiasm for this dance and the culture behind it. Our performance was really good, no mistakes, steps on time and everyone had a smile printed on their faces.As soon as we walked out of stage I heard screaming and shouting from the public and this really paid me off of all the effort we put in this event.

I was reluctant about joining this showcase at the start but I must admit now that it worth. I learned from this experience how to can be difficult putting together a show that lasts just 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Even if I joined and performed in Culturama, for this showcase I followed every step of preparation, since the beginning of the choreography until the outfit.

I am very satisfied of the work I have done and grateful for the great people I had the chance to work with.

Dance showcase- preparation

The moment has come.  In 2 hours I am going to stan up on the stage to perform what I worked hard for in the last 5 months: Salsa Cubana. The dance showcase is the climax of my dancing experience and I am now thrilled to show all the practise and new skills I have acquired so far. The 3 days before the show had been intense because of the many rehearsals we had every day from 15 to 20. I think all the effort we had put in this dance is appearing and since the final rehearsal it is already paying off. I am not extremely nervous as before Culturama but I still feel a little bit scared of what could go wrong on stage.

I am very excited. I can not wait to go on stage !!!

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