Body pump is a Les Mills workout using barbells and incorporating many different tracks focusing on different muscles and areas of the body – providing a total body workout.

It’s Monday mornings before school (ew) and Thursdays after school (however, I can’t go Thursdays because I have service); and we’re trying to see if we can book the room Wednesday mornings and get a teacher to supervise if we play the workout track and just follow along!


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Skills showed and being developed:





29th April 2019


LO 1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I’ve been able to understand my own strengths and weaknesses, which has been most prevalent for example today – we have been off school for a month given April break and then our mock exam period; so returning to bodypump today, I have to understand what I’m capable of and my limits. Instead of going straight into my normal weights, which are quite heavy, I know that I need to start low again and begin building myself back up – otherwise I could hurt myself or strain myself too far. I feel doing bodypump for the last few months and understanding how my body works lets me better understand how to treat it better, for example, if I’m really tired or out of it one morning, I’ll do less weights and respond to what my body is telling me basically. This has been a really important aspect for me – learning to identify my own strengths and weaknesses, and whilst also knowing where I can develop and aiming to push myself in those directions but in a slow and gradual manner that won’t create any risk.

LO 4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

I’ve been very committed, even when I haven’t felt like it. And like mentioned above, going again after a long break can be exhausting and tiring, especially when you’ve worked so hard to build up what you can lift and your cardio just for it to break down in a month of stress and sitting at your desk studying – and having to start from square one. It can be really frustrating, but I think that I’ve tried to stay positive with it and persevered through these kinds of setbacks because I know that in the long run, it makes me feel better and keeps my body healthy.

7th October 2019


Hi been a while. I have definitely tried to stay consistent with bodypump this year, but honestly, it’s been much more difficult than last year, I think given all the workload we have in grade 12. This means after school I’m always too tired and just need to go home, so bodypump Thursday afterschool becomes difficult – but I’ve tried to focus on Monday mornings. I think it’s important, especially when I spend all day in bed doing work for school or studying, to have this break to work out – especially because with friends it is motivating and I have a support network to go with. I think this definitely shows an extent to my commitment and perseverance (LO4) given this CAS activity, because to be up at 5:30am every Monday morning to go for a workout has been tough! Luckily now, I’m also becoming more organized and really learning what it means to have a work-life balance, given I don’t have the time anymore to exercise – I’ve had to find ways to incorporate it into my routines. For example, I go on runs most days before school, I often go to the school gym with my friends Ali or Dragan during my Monday first block free, or with my other friends Tuesday first block free, etc. Overall, I’ve been attempting to keep a balanced life so that I can stay healthy and make it through IB! 🙁



Hello just an update! School has been extremely busy and I’m always extremely tired, so I’ve honestly not been going to the Monday 6am sessions as much, but I’ve worked to attend the Thursday afterschool more to make up for it! I think overall, this shows a lot of perseverance because I’ve never allowed myself to give up on it – but I also think this comes with a lot of self-awareness. For example, if I’m tired on Sunday and up late – I won’t force myself to wake up early Monday for bodypump, because I know it’ll mean I’m more tired Monday and that will run through the entire week. Therefore, I’ve stayed committed to bodypump, but made sure to make good decisions prioritizing my own wellbeing.

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