Completing my EE first submission

Completing my analysis and conclusion for the essay was definitely the most difficult, as such I left them for about a month before returning to the essay. I feel that having summer during this time was great, because the subject of philosophy itself does not let me easily find an “answer” to a question by forcing myself to think. Rather I took the month to keep coming back to the topic and thinking about it without pressure and restraints. I found that over the month I could better develop my thinking and get my head around the topic enough to even identify my own flaws with Frankfurt’s and Kane-Widerker’s claims. For example, how the refute to Frankfurt’s argument only focuses on the cases itself, and that other areas could be focused on to make it still viable all followed my own independent thinking.

Furthermore, I came to many analysis’ myself but I would start writing and dig deeper only to realise there was a flaw with my own thinking. As such I probably attempted to start my paragraph several times before finally I could be confident in the ideas I was putting forth.

This has really shown me more why I love the subject of philosophy, and that is because it is so easy to get fully engaged into it, and once you do it gets so exciting. Especially when you feel you have identified a flaw or problem or solution, and must dive deeper into it.

Additionally, I really wanted my essay to be about more than a small sub-clause, as after writing everything I understood the significance, but even in the beginning when I finalised the essay question – I felt it was so small and any conclusion I would make would have no real implications. But really discovering how large it was, how such a small conflict of ideas actually has such large implementations allowed me to share that in my essay. I wanted to bring someone along the thinking of something so minuscule in the greater scheme of things and connect it to something bigger than life. This being that the idea of God and Human Free Will inevitably effects everyone and everything whether they believe in it or not. In that sentence, I love where all the thinking took me.

As such I ended up adding another paragraph relating the conclusions and analysis of my thinking into something relevant and an issue of worldwide importance. There, I discussed a topic that I had even initially wanted my essay to be based around but was too large – which is the Problem of Evil (considering I have a lot of interest in it). I love that I know this topic was too large to tackle in an EE, yet through my small focused EE I managed to find answers to even these large questions.

Finally I wanted my conclusion to wrap up not only my topic question but the ideas of philosophy as a whole and why they are still important even in this age of scientific discovery.

Overall, I know my draft isn’t perfect and hopefully with the feedback I receive I can greatly improve it, but I am quite happy with my essay so far – if how it comes across isn’t the best, I’m still proud of my own thinking and what I’ve personally discovered about the topic and about myself.

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