Final PSE Reflection

Some challenges I felt this year were:

  • New subjects such as computer science meaning a steep learning curve
  • Projects are student-led and not given support
  • Heavy workload
  • Project Week
  • Minds Service

Some other experiences were:

  • Kahaani
  • Culturama
  • Pottery
  • Softball
  • MuayThai
  • BodyPump

Something that went well was Project Week, what helped me was the support that I received from my friends and by having them around me all the time. Also, was being flexible to change day-to-day and in the planning stage, whilst staying optimistic to approach these changes. Finally, being organized was necessary to get things done.

What I could have done differently would be surrounding the workload, this means not slacking and leaving things to the last moment because I don’t want to necessarily do them. And also to study a little bit every day so I don’t need to grind and memorize information the day before. Finally is really paying attention to my mental health because by letting it get worse affects my grades because I don’t care about work anymore. Also not putting school about my mental health and not going to counseling or such simply because I’m “busy” I think is a big takeaway from this year to do next year.

For grade 12 I want to better look after myself and be more organized with work. This means I want to study a little bit every day so I am not stressed when exams roll around. Also, I want to make use of my summer to do as much IA plannings and EE writing as I can, as well as working on my TOK presentation early. Overall, I want to pace myself so I never have a huge workload but do a little bit each day which is much better – it just means I definitely need to stay organized and on top of things each day which can be a struggle. Also, pushing myself to do Culturama and Kahaani next year, because I love both events but I’m scared the stress will get in the way – but I know it’ll be something I can enjoy and look forward to in school.

Overall, I think this year went well and I’m already integrated into IB and the flow of it, so hopefully I don’t let that die over summer and come back with everything on my shoulders.

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