EE Day Reflection

One Thing I’ve Learnt:

My supervisor helped me to go through the outline I’ve created and figure out where I should be focusing on, as currently, I am aware that if I were to write out my entire essay depicting my outline – it would exceed the word count. So it’s been important to bring to my attention where I should be focusing on, and that it is more important for me to cover fewer arguments but more in-depth and clear than to attempt to cover many of them but briefly. This given that philosophy is not a light subject and although I may understand what I write about (considering I’ve gotten to read up a lot on it) – it doesn’t mean if someone else comes along and reads it that they will be able to understand. For this reason, I’ve cut out quite a bit of my outline (the first argument to Frankfurt’s cases and possibly one of the rebuttals to such) to try focus on key points I want to make, and ensure that with those points I am giving thorough explanations.

What I’m Proud of:

I’m proud of how much work I’ve put in so far, as I already have my outline completed written up to the minor details – which I didn’t realize many of my friends had not started yet. Therefore, I feel comfortable knowing that I’m slightly ahead and this will hopefully be less stressful as I need to dedicate a lot of time to reading and researching – which I’m scared could lead me to fall behind in any way. Furthermore, today I’ve completed the table of contents which is useful for me to organize my own thinking and writing, and have completed 660 words of my essay including the initial introduction and explanation of theological fatalism.

What I’ll be Doing Next:

From here, I would like to begin reading the book which my supervisor recommended and gave me as it covers my topic perfectly, and I need to proceed doing much more research specifically on the Two-Horned Dilemma. On top of all of this, I will continue to be writing my essay – and meet the deadline of 1000 words in a few weeks which I don’t think will be too hard! 🙂