My name is Maya Prakash, and I am part of the UWCSEA East class of 2021. This is my blog, where I will be posting reflections and updates on my learning. I am taking HL Global Politics, Math Applications and Interpretations, and Literature. At the SL level, I am taking History, Biology, and Chinese. I […]

Interview with Grassroots Feminist Activist Yogita Bhayana

Interview Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ome4_Yu6oxmr8Lj-M7abnlbbKl7_t6iH/view?usp=sharing Interview conducted 27/8/2020 Hospitals in Delhi alone each get at least 5 child rape victims every day. And yet, conviction rates are low, and rape culture rules. Yogita Bhayana is one woman who is trying to fight it, and defend child victims of rape and abuse. She is a former air stewardess, […]

Interview with Feminist Academic Urvashi Butalia

Zoom Interview recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q-X_tF51ErmcWLdfEQvmo0eiGsvDOn4h/view?usp=sharing   Interview conducted 29/7/2020 Urvashi Butalia, one of India’s pioneering feminists, has strived to make women’s voices heard for over three decades. She founded the first feminist publishing house in India, Kali For Women, in 1984, and later Zubaan Books in 2003. Through my personal project, Shakti Stories, I have visited […]