I’m still finding it hard to believe that I’m in G10 now, the last year of the IGCSE course. It seems like yesterday that I had started G9. Although this year is the year where we should settle down and study for our upcoming exams, I would still like to keep my life more balanced and not particularly focused on just one thing. This is why it is important to set goals in order to get the best out of this year and get a clearer direction of what I want to achieve this year. I have goals for each pillar that each paragraph would elaborate more on.

Academics: This year I really have to focus on academics especially since we sit for our exams this year. I have to reach the high expectations that I have set for myself. I will do this by stopping myself from listening to music while I’m studying. I will also set a certain amount of time every week where I will review what we have done in class. This way I am not cramming right before the exam, instead I am slowly building up my long-term memory so that I can remember everything easily and most importantly understand everything. I’m also aiming not to leave all my homework to the day before it’s due as I will start to stress out about it and things like my sleep schedule might get disturbed.

Service: As we all know by now, service is a big part of UWC’s curriculum. I think that it’s important to do service not only for a university application, but also to just help the community that we live in and that we need to survive. Whether it is just college, local or even a global service, we should be doing service because we want to help out. This is why I am going to sign up for a college or local service and be completely dedicated to it. I can also do small things by myself like not using plastic bags when buying groceries as every small action counts towards helping our world and our community.

Activities: This school has many activities to offer and I have a variety of activities to choose from. I’m aiming to sign up for at least 2 activities this year as it would be a nice break from studying and it could also be a good learning opportunity for me. I might learn something about myself that I never knew about if I signed up for a new club.

Overall, even though I have high expectations for myself this year, my main goal this year is to just to remember to keep my life balanced. I shouldn’t be working too hard and I also shouldn’t be slacking too much. I need to remember to just keep everything in control and to do this I have to achieve these small goals I have set for myself.